Watch “Sleep (The Fraternity) – Conjure” on YouTube

Hey kids…… How y’all been?  Its Annexx. Haven’t heard from any of you in a while.  I guess Fox had attempted forwarding me material to review and post.   I didn’t receive them…. But who ever did got an email full of dope music.   Working on getting that taken care of.   Drop me a direct email @ to reach me faster.   I’m happy to work with anyone.  

In the meantime…… I bring to you the first track and visual from Dark Arts of the Iron Age, the first album released by The Fraternity Music Group featuring all members that spit….. “Conjure.”

Leave us a comment…tell us what you think.   Share it.   Support each other.  We don’t just read reviews….no one does.   But artists do.

Review: Blue Navy- Ours


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                       By Mike Marlow

Ours is the sophomore release of Johnstown, PA artist Blue Navy, aka Jake Dryzal. Some of you may recall I wrote about Blue Navy’s first full-length release, Mine, almost one year ago. Not only do these album titles bear a connection, but artistically Ours feels like a continuation of the thematic and stylistic idioms established by its predecessor.

Blue Navy’s musical style remains familiar. The self-described “dream pop/slowcore” of Ours uses layers of indie-folk inspired guitars modulated with post-rock staple reverb (along with the occasional keys, drums and bass) to build spacious soundscapes. These are complimented by Dryzal’s simple, vulnerable vocal delivery, angst-ridden lyricism and New Romantic pining.

Similar to Mine, Ours is constructed with a cohesive flow as a full album rather than a collection of songs. The album begins with two tracks, particularly the ethereal first track “Grace,” that slowly allow the album’s atmosphere to envelop the listener. Chiming guitars melt into reverberated walls of sound. It’s not until the third track that a strumming groove appears to keep pace over the sweeping wave patterns at the heart of Dryzal’s songwriting. (I use the word “groove” loosely as the effect of Blue Navy’s style is still rooted in the ambient ebb and flow of emotion)

The expansive “Goodnight Sweet February” acts as a sort of centerpiece to the album making use of all of the tools available. A simple drum beat along with a driving strum and layers of echoing textures build the track’s towering climax. The climax then takes a backseat to an intimate spoken-word section.

The instrumental “Fading” excels at building a technically simple but emotionally cathartic piece.  The final track builds to the album’s soaring conclusion then quickly dissipates as effortlessly as it has all come together.

Throughout the album, lyrics are intimate, moody, and deal with love and love lost. At times, the reverb-heavy nature of this album seems to bury some of the songwriting and makes lyrics difficult to make out.  However, this is a welcome compromise given the album’s overall ambient nature.

While I described Mine like floating on one’s back in the middle of a dark ocean, Ours is more aerial. Rather than focusing on the buoyancy of one’s own body, Ours turns its focus outward and upwards to the night’s sky. Its textures soar above and around the melody.  As a whole, Ours is a welcome follow-up to last year’s Mine.  It will be interesting to see where Blue Navy can go with the style that Mine and Ours have developed.

OneWerd: It all started with a thought

To keep the ball rolling, I bring to your visual appetite a new video from OneWerd.  Let’s see what the artist has for us shall we?

It All Started With a Thought” is the first single off OneWerd’s release “Becoming” via LA-based imprint Acidlab Records.  Slapping drums and chunky guitars back the Bay Area rapper’s ode to creative inspiration, and visual director The IMF helps bring the story to life with new visuals.  From idea to execution, OneWerd proves that the illest tracks all start somewhere.

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Mark of the Wolf: Raised X Wolves

Here’s a review I posted on TheVault


Been a while since I posted a review on my own site.  Been out here in these skreets, growing in numbers, networking, making it worth your while to read my shit.  Thanks for staying interested.

Today, I bring you some straight fire coming from Cincinnati.  Raised X Wolves is composed of Cincinnati natives Sharp One and Travis Touchdown.  Both of which are vets to the hiphop game.  And if you are unfamiliar with them, you need to be.  They bring real hip-hop to the table.

This project opens with the most comedic intro to a serious project I have ever experienced.  I don’t listen to y’alls music.  I experience it.  I put on my headphones and ride it on repeat when its a good project.  Throughout the album, ever present, is the mark of a real lyricist.  There is word play, metaphors, double entandre’s.  Who ever taught these men how to use the english language needs to be saluted.

For those of you that follow my writing, you know I do reviews different on each site I write on.  This deserves honorable mention and will be added to other sites in the manner I do reviews for them.  Watch for the track by track break down on The Write Reviews with the home boy Warren Peace.


ΩΔΦ….That’s 5 stars in The Frat


Annexx Here

What’s up guys?  Been a while since I posted here.  My first interview was published with Fox.  I just wanted to drop in and make a brief introduction to the new readers here.   I’ll be making my rounds here shortly publishing reviews and other music related articles.   

I offer readers the opportunity to enjoy different forms of reviews by providing track by track breakdowns, “back of the book” reviews, and featured track reviews.   I also do interview pieces, videospotlights, and groundbreaking track releases.   

My goal here is not to change the way Fox does things, only to enhance the readers enjoyment, and the artists reach.  I am able to help with artist reach as i write on 6 other blogs.  One of which made the Top 100 Music Blogs on the Internet.  

If anyone is interested in reaching me directly, my email is and i can be found on any social media by searching annexx or annexx513.  

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to working with you all soon.  


Premiere: Young Daa- Based on a Young Story


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Sure, the blog has slowed down a little.  That’s life though right?  Something always comes up that takes precedent.  Every once in awhile I come out of my slumber to post something dope.  That’s the case today.

Anyone who has been an avid reader of the blog or follows me on social media knows what a huge fan of Young Daa I am.  This isn’t the first or last time I will post about him either. That’s why I am super stoked to present to you his new ep, “Based on a Young Story”.


The first things that hits you on this tape is the MAJOR beat on “Bentley”.  This thing goes in and bumps hard thanks to production on this track from ADOTHEGOD and
Big Jerm.  The whole tape features production from ADOTHEGOD, Big Jerm, Big Cat, Nyce and two tracks produced by Daa himself.

The aforementioned “Bentley” bumps incredibly hard, but doesn’t mean its just a hot beat with nothing else to it.  Daa is a master at this.  He is able to always take hard hitting beats, throw in a little screw and chop and still somehow manage to have substance in his music.  This first track is a great example.

I’m just speaking the truth/building the future by teaching the youth/Act as a king tell the world you’re the truth/Stand like a God it’s the right thing to do.

Oh yeah, The. Hook. Goes. Hard!


I don’t want to give away everything on this tape.  It’s five tracks and 13 minutes that you need to experience for yourself.  It’s probably gonna be in your rotation for awhile.  I mean the whole damn tape too.  Every track goes in.  We get two really great features on here too.  One from 1n3 and one from Slugga G ( RIP Rickole “Lil Reco” Rogers (Slugga-G).

Daa managed to make something short and sweet, but really special with this.  I feel in a lot of ways this is different than anything else he has ever done and I know it’s just a teaser too.  Daa has been know to be personal with some of his music, but this whole project feels like it comes straight from his chest.  That full length is coming and I can feel it.  The SAFS homie really shines on here.  He shows a keen aptitude for rapping and the ability to change up flows, styles, topics and ride any beat that he touches.


Ball first, before you walk, crawl first/You can turn a penny to a million keep God first/Whatever you going through n*gga somebody doing worse/And fuck being second all the winners place first.


Listen and BUY it below:





New Music: Will Static- Too Long


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WIll Static is the man.  Hands down.  The kid can write a track and his flow is so impeccable.  That’s called hard work, dedication and talent.

We couldn’t be prouder to be part of his team and to help push his this release and his releases in the future.


Checkout the new track “Too Long” ft Smoov.

Short and sweet.  Straight to the point.



17 in ’17: Milwaukee Rappers to Look Out For


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Hey good people of Earth.  Here we have the mandatory list of our Milwaukee rappers to look out for in the new year.  This one is a little different.  We have been checking out a lot of these lists and there seems to be a pattern here…..All the same artists on all the lists.  Not only that, but artists who have been on these lists for the last few years and artists that are already well established.

This one is a little different, none of those people will be on here.  We will be taking a look at 17 up and coming Milwaukee artists to look out for in the new year.  No one who has a buig buzz or has been rapping for 20 years (sorry Denku, you know you’re my favorite).  No specific order either, so let’s just jump right into it.

P.s. These are MKE rappers.  So to all the dope talent around the state, I see you.  Special shoutouts to talents Cullen Sampson, EveryOne, Blake Ambrose, Keag, LoDoubleT, Charles Grant, L8ye etc etc etc…Could go on for days.

1. Will Static-

This 20 year old emcee has so much promise.  I mean we did just write this article about him (HERE!  READ IT HERE!!!)  With an incredible work ethic, dynamic flow and unique voice, Will is setting himself up for a huge 2017.  Trust me, I have the inside track.  Some major moves coming from inside his camp.


2. Magic-

Mr. EastSide Empire is gearing up for a big 2017.  Starting off this January, with the release of his project Prezident Magic.  With an incredible flow and top notch lyricism, the 19 year old rapper is a force to be reckoned with.  I had him on a show or two earlier this year and was impressed with everything I saw.  From music release to being mentioned by producer Kato as a great talent, Magic is coming.



BMORN is goofy.  Dude always has a big ass smile on his face, whether he is at a show or just throwing us live feed from the studio.  His work ethic and business sense is what gets him on this list.  He is not afraid to make moves.  Mr. Brew City Boy/MidWest Made Men has a head for these things.  I personally booked him on a lot of the shows he had this year, and showed up to events he had, like the Libra Bash, just to support him.  oh yeah, did I mention his rap skills?  On the mic he is able to switch up from lyrical to trap seamlessly.


4. YT-

AKA Yours Truly AKA Young Torch is another member of the Brew City Boys, and a talented one at that.  YT brings it in every fashion of hip hop too.  From rapping to producing.  When I saw him perform at the Libra Bash I was blown away.  I knew who he was before that, but had no idea he brought it the way he did.  Love songs, lit songs, conscious shit, the dude is an incredibly well rounded emcee.


5. Teddy Ted-

You know the name, right?  You should!  Teddy Ted is going make a splash on the mainstream stage, just a matter of time.  From that auto tune singing style of Drake to an incredibly pristine flow, Teddy Ted has everything the mainstream is looking for and everything that will get you up in the club.  Don’t forget to peep!



6. Jahmarri-

Another one I debated about putting on here.  While I love the kid and that’s my dude, the music flow is at a drip.  Meaning, the music hasn’t been coming out as we ALL wanted it to.  So, he makes this list, because he has the damn talent.  I expect a music filled 2017 from Jahmarri, I personally know he has some big projects and collabs happening.  That accapella he dropped last week gives me hope.  He’s a loud mouth no doubt, lets turn that into music.  I expect we will see a lot of him in 2017.  ( Sorry Jahm, had to rib a little, haha.)


7. SAFS Sunny-

SAFS is everywhere.  If you are an artist or fan of local hip hop, you’ve heard of SAFS Crew.  The odds are that that is due to Blizz McFly, Klassik or Vincent Van Great, but let’s not overlook Sunny.  An original founding member and one of my favorite emcees in the city.  With a unique voice and delivery, Sunny has a style that is all his own.  While he has slowly been putting out music this last year, I expect a big 2017 from him and finally get that full length project.


8. Young Daa-

SAFS!  Another crew member and possibly one of the most slept on emcees in the city.  Daa is another unique talent with an instantly recognizable voice.  His flow is impeccable and his lyrics range from party to personal seamlessly.  He released one of the most slept on ep’s in the city this last year and every track he touches is immediate fire.  Keep an eye on Young Daa, a little promotion and Daa will have a killer 2017.



9. FamousMF-

Famous puts in the work that makes you think his name will come true.  He makes this list because of the incredible amount of work that he does.  From rapping and producing to videography/photography, FamousMF has an arsenal of talents under his belt, and he is only getting better.  While I do think his promotion game needs a step up and sometimes his lyrics are a bit flat, he has all the talent inside of him.  I can see him writing some crazy ish, but if he decides to step back and produce or anything else, there would be no problem.



10. Nate Brady-

The kid pushes buttons.  He spams, a lot.  He gets people in their chest.  This is his strategy.  For him, it seems to work.  While I never condone pissing people off, it has certainly gotten him some attention.  While I still think people know his name from it more than they know his music, the kid has talent and he does numbers.  With a lyrical flow and throwback style I am excited to hear a lot more from this young cat.  He’s got a little old school steez to him.



11. Joe Quinto-

I’ve been a fan since early last year when he sent in his Dancing With My Demons ep (under the name Cinco) to us here at KnowMoreMusic for review.  It is on my list of favorite projects from last year, it’s also no surprise that he stepped in up from there. Fresh off a win for music video of the year, Joe Quinto is a surprise.  He is the underdog you route for in the movies.  With a creative mind and artistic drive, he has a great future ahead of him.  Also, his live show is something you don’t want to miss!



12. Kane-

It speaks volumes that the youngest artist on this list is also (arguably) the most established.  18 year old Kane has a bright bright future ahead of him and I think we are seeing that develop right in front of our eyes.  While he draws from influences like Young Thug and Kodak Black, Kane is another species all together.  He does not box himself in or limit himself to one genre.  Mixing rap, trap, rock, influences like Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, even pro wrestling, make Kane a special and unique talent.  Add on top of that his work with Freespace, which gives the youth a place to perform and be free, Kane is a weapon.  He blows up big.  No question.  Just watch.


13. Taj-

Fact: Taj is dope.  Fact: Team Ugly member Taj has something special.  Taj is on another plane than a lot of us in many ways.  She is an enigma.  Spiritual, in touch, unapologetic, who she is.  Oh yeah, like I said….Dope.  The music is fantastic and adds to the mysticism I kind of see around her.  From being able to go from songs you want to party to, to songs that really make you sit down and think, Taj has an arsenal of talent that should not be overlooked.


14. WillTheGlide &YL64-

I hate to group a couple artist together, but they make such a great team and we’re running outta space!  Seriously though, Will TheGlide and YL64 are two talented members of Team Ugly.  Both are unique and both have their talents.  Call Log was one of my favorite videos of last year.  It was super fun to watch.  Will showed off his singing/rapping ability and YL just super brought it with his verse.  They are young, smart and have hella potential to make s huge splash.


15. Tyso $upreme-

He has a work ethic and a strong support system behind him.  Do not count out Tyso as a major player in 2017.  The kid has dropped a lot of dope music with Nefelbiata and his solo stuff is really starting to take off.  He is for sure someone to watch out for.  With a strong pen game and team behind him, his talent knows no bounds.



16. B Justice-

This guy has the whole world in front of him, waiting for him to make that step and it’s going to happen any moment now.  He is getting some attention, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  He has the music on lock, but not only that…he has the business sense and has built himself a great brand name.  The opportunities for him keep coming, but he remains humble and never slows down.  He is constantly working and that is going to put him into a new category this year.  Eyes open.


17.  Dad-

Dad is everything.  On the surface Dad might seem like a gimmick, that couldn’t be less true.  What Dad is, is a marketing and promotional genius when it comes to branding himself.  On top of that, it does not hurt that is a an incredibly talented emcee.  2016 showed a lot of people that they were missing their father.  In 2017 Dad is about to have a lot more kids.  One of the most recognizable figures in Milwaukee hip hop, watch out for Dad this year.  If you don’t listen to Dad, you’re grounded!



Honorable mentions: JCMB, AMEAS, Cochise, LR, Myles, Cleo Fox, Cleo White, Riqo, CleretiC, Frankie Pyro, LeanBeatz, Platinum Boy Gang, , Too many to name.

Shoutout to EVERY artist making music in MKE.

If I didn’t list you, I may never have heard your music, send me links to check out!


Hold On!

I’ve decided just to highlight two producers who are seriously putting in work and have a bright future ahead on them.  Just a list, but watch out for these two!

1. Main.Key

2. Don P.


Thanks for checking out the list and make sure to keep an eye out on every one of these artists!

REVIEW: Galapaghost – “I Never Arrived”


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On “I Never Arrived”, Galapaghost channels the spirit of Iron & Wine with a touch of Sufjan Stevens. This joint effort between Casey Chandler & part-time member Federico Puttilli echoes the nostalgia of traveling and finding comfort in the uncomfortable. Reviewing this release was really hard for me because while I really enjoyed it, certain songs were frustrating for me to listen to.

The music arrangements are gorgeous and definitely the highlight of the album – the pinnacle point of the album being “The Secrets Our Body Keeps”. Casey Chandler’s voice cries and quivers with damn near perfection but some songs did wear on me such as “Vitamin D” (although I can’t fault the musical arrangement of it, more so just the plainness of the lyrics). The album being a standard twelve tracks long is filled with a decent amount highlights such as “Science of Lovers”, “Salt Lake City”, the titular track “I Never Arrived”, “The Secrets Our Body Keeps”, and “Goodbye (My Visa Arrived)”. I felt the lyrics of some of the other songs were a little too rudimentary for my taste, but I’m a stickler for lyrics and will admit that I am sometimes too hard to please in that territory.

My favorite part of this album is that it is seemingly about a journey and it’s biggest accomplishment is that once it’s done, you feel as if you went on that journey with Casey. My biggest complaint is that rather than this journey being filled to the brim with the nostalgia and sense of wonder like with the stronger tracks, you hit a lot of empty pit stops with its filler tracks. I think that this release would have been a lot stronger as an EP but I enjoyed a good amount of it regardless and think it’s worth checking out if you dig acts like Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Midlake, Espers, Low Roar, and Simon & Garfunkel. You can purchase/listen to “I Never Arrived” at: