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New Music: Taiyamo Denku ft Jadakiss

“Life Like This”


Recently we had the privilege to interview Milwaukee hip hop artist Taiyamo Denku, which you can read here:

Taiyamo Denku Interview


Now the #collabking is back at it again.  Just tonight, the hardest working artist around premiered his new single “Life Like This” featuring  The LOX member Jadakiss and produced by Australian wonder producer DCYPHA.


I’m at about atleast a dozen listens through now.  Let me tell you, this track is naaaaaasty!  Big ups to DCYPHA for a beat that hits this hard!  Dude is definitely one of the best underground hip hop producers.  Each of his tracks hits just as hard.

Denku once again proves he is on another level when it comes to lyricism.  It really is a shame is so overlooked in the underground.  He starts out the track with a catchy, street vibing chorus:

“Everyday with a life like this, we gotta walk away from a life like this/ And stop the violence, time to change/ guns cause innocent pain.”

This is followed by Denku’s first verse, describing a world in which the government is responsible for recording you, increased poverty levels and acts of terrorism.

“My identity’s hidden beneath shadowed context, bomb bets, we’ll fire nukes at Tibet next.  It’s a threat everyday when I arise, true lies, staring into Jamie Lee’s thighs.”

Jadakiss brings his verse next.  He speaks on his time behind bars and how times have changed.  How penalties are more strict now.  How he had shifted his focus in life, with lines like “I set goal for myself, I’m achieving ’em/ I’d rather send the packages then be receiving ’em.”

Denku spits his second verse directly after Jadakiss.  It’s probably better than his first verse, with stand out lines such as:

“They not making proper moves it’s urban logistic, I raise the bar, you raise the barrel, different statistic.”

“Play kickball with they eightball sack, leave their drugs on the corner with the wire intact.”

Overall this track was fantastic.  It’s one you could bump in your ride and keep in your rotation for awhile.  Props to everyone involved.

Give the track a listen here:


Taiyamo Denku ft Jadakiss – Life Like This (Prod. by Dcypha)