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ST Pennz- Miracle


Today we are lucky enough to have a new video or you from Milwaukee hip hop artist ST Pennz.  Check it all out below!


Milwaukee native Pennz, (aka ST Pennz) is a MC who has always seen hip hop as more of an art form and a way of life than simply a genre of music. ST Pennz began his artistic endeavors as a writer before his days as a MC. From this love for writing the moniker ST Pennz was born. His days as an MC began humbly at Pere Marquette Park in downtown Milwaukee where he would gather with his friends in an impromptu setting and would rap to each other over music. The son of a music writer, composer and singer, Pennz was surrounded by early diverse musical influences that shaped him as an artist and as a person. In addition to being a MC, Pennz has been known to dabble in painting, videography, drums and piano, demonstrating that diversity of his talent as an artist. In addition to ST Pennz, he has been known to adopt the moniker Yasu Star from time to time in his work.

In 2010, Pennz began to take his writing more seriously, came out of his shell and began to record. Since then, ST Pennz has amassed a large collection of material, much of which has gone unreleased, both as a part of the group Flo-Tron as well as solo efforts and collaborations. In 2012, Flo-tron released their debut EP “WBLK (We Be Lyrical Kings)”, with production for the project by South Bronx DJ Charlie Hustle. The “WBLK EP” received widespread praise and aclaim from fans and fellow artists within the Milwaukee hip hop community. In 2013, ST Pennz decided it was time to venture into doing more solo work. It was that year that we saw the release of his 1st music video, titled “Summer in the city”. Since the release of that video via Youtube, Pennz has spent time honing his live show and perfecting his craft as an artist. Pennz currently is working on his first full length LP entitled “Eclectic INK to the wise”, due out in early 2016. ST Pennz is no doubt one of the young talented emcees coming out of Milwaukee to keep an eye on in the coming months.

Below is the new video, “Miracle.”

It features a smooth drumbeat and soft sample throughout.  The beat is reminiscent of a smooth 90’s hip hop tune, think “Concrete Schoolyard” by Jurassic 5.  ST Pennz spits his bars with the command of a hip hop veteran.  This is real, classic, throwback hip hop.  The kind of hop hop that us old heads can get behind, none of that swag or trap stuff here.  I am afraid it might be a little too classic or intelligent for a lot of rap fans today, its neither trap nor hipster rap.  Which, in my mind is a good thing.  Know who you are rapping for and don’t sell yourself for a little notoriety.  Do what you love to do.  This is hip hop. This is what happens when you grow up listening to the GOATS in hip hop, the breeders, the creators of the art form.  I look forward to hearing more from ST Pennz in the future, you have new fans here at KnowMoreMusic.

Check him out on facebook at:   ST Pennz (Facebook)