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Milwaukees’ Damir Balo may not be the best known artist in the city, but he is one of the hardest working.  There are not many who are consistently working on perfecting their craft and releasing more music than Damir Balo.

Damir is a solo artist-rapper, entertainer, musician and underground hip hop lyricist. The music is a mixture of hip hop, pop rap, hardcore alternative, punk and trance. Taking elements of every genre and formulating a new extension. The most interesting element of Damir’s music is the multiplicity of styles.

Having worked with Damir in the past, doing some promotion for his album The Golden Boy (check it out! It’s great!), I know what to expect from Damir.  With his soft voice and smooth beats, no one is better at making the kind of music he does.  It’s smooth, it’s relaxed, it’s bedroom music.  Music that is going to make the ladies swoon.

His new song “Is What It Is” is no different.  It’s another smooth beat, it’s Damir’s smooth voice and it “Is What It Is.”

It’s worth a listen or two.  I would suggest checking out Damir’s entire catalog.  This young artist has a lot of big time songs under his belt.  You can play it on a date with your lady or bump it while driving.

I would not sleep on Damir any longer.  With his work ethic combined with natural gifts, it is only a matter of time before he blows up BIG!

Checkout the new track here:

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