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This is one of those weird times after listening to this track about ten times back to back, that I’m really unsure where to start this at.  Uhhh…

When the track first started I thought myself, “Oh God, what have I gotten myself into.”  I’m not sure that sentiment has gone away yet, but in a very positive way.

Let’s start with this beat, produced by Faded K.  It’s fun, it’s bouncy.  It’s the type of beat I normally HATE, but I love this one.  I can’t help but smile every time I start the track up again.  Props to Faded K for being able to do that.

Now onto Keag aka Scumbag Kea, etc etc.  This guy is a unique vocal talent. Not being overly familiar with this emcee, I had to dig deeper when I heard this track.  He can definitely switch up his style, flow and voice.

This song is fun, it’s poignant, it’s an observation on society and it’s surprisingly deep.

Life is a journey, with the jury filled with people, some will bring you up, and some are just beneath you.  But we’re equal, lose your ego, ecosystems aren’t just people, the system isn’t working it was made to be deceitful.


Racial tension rages while the CEO’s are banking.


Fame is ugly, life is funny, don’t love things love eachother, love the air and love your mother.  Love your sisters and your brothers, love thy neighbor, save your paper, patience is a virtue player…

Overall, I would for sure suggest checking this out!  I look forward to hearing new music from Kea in the future.  Below I’ll drop links for the track and where you can hear more music from Kea.