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“Rumble young man, keep them people on the ropes…”

New track from Milwaukee emcee Blax, “Rumble”, produced by 4AR.  Rumble is just what this track does.  The beat is nice, but this is a track where the lyricism shines through.  Where the lyrics are more important.

Everything about the hook is perfect.  It’s super catchy, the beat is perfect, it’s just on point.  One of the best hooks I’ve heard all year.

I never partied too hard, never sniffed coke/ Closest I ever came was that audio dope/ Rumble young man, keep them people on the ropes, rumble young man keep them people on the ropes.

The first verse seems to be a typical shit talking, I’m the best, get money kind of thing.  Not to say it was lame though.  It was well done and well written.  The second verse is really the one that shines through for me!  Blax takes the time to acknowledge his family, how much they mean to him and how he strives to live right.

I got three kids, one son, two girls/ I sacrificed my life in fact to give them this whole world/ One women holding me down in this one life/ Maybe one day we settle down one man and one wife/ There’s one way to live in this life and that’s right.

Overall, it was a nice track and look forward to hearing Blax continue to release music and to grow.  Checkout the track below, listen, share, leave some feedback.