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Milwaukee emcee Damir Balo is back with a new ep, entitled Bread N Water 2.  We are super proud to premiere it right here!  It consists of four tracks of Damir doing what Damir does best.  Four tracks of trance like, hard bumping beats.

I’ve said it once and I will say it again.  Damir Balo is a unique talent.  He has an unmistakable voice, in a time when it can be hard to tell emcees apart.  He has major mainstream appeal and the bars to be taken seriously by the underground.  I’d take a Damir Balo album over a Drake album any day.  He does it his own way, he writes, produces and is original in all of it.

Truly only a matter of time before Damir Balo is a household name and played on every major radio station.  Milwaukee has such a wide variety of talent, Damir is the best in his lane.

I highly suggest taking TWELVE minutes out of your day to take a listen.  If you dig it I suggest taking some time to listen to some of his other works as well.  We reviewed his single Is What It Is a few weeks ago.  His album The Golden Boy may still be his best work to date.

Take a listen to the new EP below.  Listen, share and leave feedback!