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The truth of the matter is I’m not bogus
An act of god like a swarm of locusts

Welcome to the premiere of the new Social Anxiety single, BRAIN DAEDALUS.  Social Anxiety agains proves he is not bogus.  This dude is capable of so many different styles!  Just checkout the review we did of his last album here, The Standards and Practices of a Nomadic Heart.

This track showcases a dark, fiery and even punk side to the LA based artist.  Surely that must be thanks to the bands he was in as a younger man.  To me the track is a narrative on the state of drug use in todays world as opposed to why people used to use drugs.  That there is a difference between using psychotropic drugs to expand your mind and using “hard” drugs just to get high or to deal with life.  Plus it fits perfectly with the inclusion of the Timothy Leary speeches in the middle and end of this track.

Drowning out the silence with a chemical cleanse
Johnnie Walker mends, china white ends
Acid kills the belief in pretend
Marijuana lends a helping hand

I also feel Social Anxiety gets a little cocky on this track.  A little bold and a little confident. I feel he puffs out his chest a little on this track and is not afraid to proclaim himself as a great emcee.  It’s actually awesome.

Thanks to Social Anxiety for letting us hear this music early and to be able to share it with all of you!  Listen to the track below.  Share, like and leave feedback.



* Album artwork done by Dakota Hicks