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There is a new demo from one my absolute favorite underground hip hop artists, ThiNXx.  ThiNXx is an independent hip hop artist from Johannesburg, South Africa.  He spits stories and ideas with lyricism that is nearly unmatched in all of hip hop.

Not only does he run dohiphop.com, he is also a graffiti artist and signed to the Michigan based collaborative, Arcadiac Records.  He has also gotten recognition from major sources and even Strange Famous Records.

What ThiNXx has to say about this track:

“I finished writing this while travelling through the Karroo(EC) around 3 hours before the SA President finally addressed parliament and stated categorically that he would not “pay back the money”. I mean why would he; it’s only more money than most people see in their entire lives and it’s not like South Africans need housing or hospitals at all… right? Not to mentions it’s only Tax money and he needed to upgrade his house, so why not? I hope you sensed my sarcasm there as well as the manner in which the president is always able to find the humor in everything he is supposed to care about. This is a protest song and I ask that you share it far and wide in the hope that citizens of South Africa do eventually get a say in their county and can proudly say that their taxes are funding more than just the prevalent corruption that runs rife through the veins of our political system. I know this is not a problem unique to SA but it is where I’m from and I feel it’s extremely important we can the message across, unite and conquer these horrifying evils that occur daily”.


Checkout this awesome track and learn more about ThiNXx here: