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You may have noticed a trend here at KnowMoreMusic, a plethora of awesome hip hop music.  The past few days have seen an upswing in non hiphop related submissions.  Which is awesome and the first of those comes from Minneapolis based band GOULASH.

Twin Cities band GOULASH is a three piece rock/punk/reggae group consisting of Gordon Johnson, Jesse Gaston and Nick Johnston.  They recently released a new self titled project.

The band mixes their different influences into genre bending, humor filled urban tales of fun and mischief.  They mainly stray from the normal themes of love, peace and unity that traditionally dominate the reggae scene, carving out a niche of fun loving party music.

Now that that is out of the way, let us dig into this seven track album.

The first track is entitled “Money.”  It starts with some rock/punk guitar with the lyrics:

I don’t do it for the money and neither does my hoe.  But we still go to Applebees, after my show.

It immediately kicks into a groovy, reggae vibe.  The message of the song, I feel, is pretty straight forward after that.  Are you going to let money run your life or are you going to open your eyes and see the problems around you?  This is evident with lyrics such as,

Now our natural resources are almost gone.  We got babies on the street with no shoes on their feet and all they really fucking need is something to eat.

The second track on here is entitled “I”.  I’m not going to spend much time on it, but to say it’s about sex and missing a girl.  The music itself seamlessly blends a nice upbeat rock feel with even trance like elements half way through.

Track three, “Enemy”.  A real punk feel to the music.  The vocals here are much harsher, louder and angrier sounding than the rest of the album.  As odd as this sounds, think early to mid ’80’s Black Flag (Henry Rollins era) mixed with a bluesy The Black Keys feel.  If you understand that, you can envision the song just by that.

“Cortez” is the next track.  This may be my favorite track on the album.  It’s super smooth.  Makes you want to just chill and bob your head.  It also very blunt and straightforward.  About the complexities on a relationship.  How sometimes you need to turn around and look at yourself, realize the person you are blaming is not to blame and maybe you really are at fault.  If you can do this, there will be no issue solving your problems.

“Weatherman” is a tale of love.  Or rather a tale of love gone wrong.  A story of true love, how things will not always be smooth.  You may be in love, you may try to work it out, but in the end you may just get fed u and move on, no matter what the other person does.  Things change drastically at the end of the track.  It turns into 30 seconds of pop with the repeating lyrics of “I like whiskey with my tea.”  Haha.

Track six is entitled “Punani.”  Bahaha.  Oh god.  I don’t think I can write anything about this track.  If you get the title, well, you get it.  I will say that about half way through the track the music turns punk and for some reason this makes me laugh even more.  There is also some nice “Punani” vocal range in this track.  Moving on….

The last track on this album is “Sailing”.  This track gives “Cortez” a run for its money as my favorite track.  It’s soulful, it’s melodic, it is a great closing track.  It features great lines , such as:

Plastic people with empty minds, peace and quiet so hard to find.  I think it’s about time for us to get away.


And if there was a way to steer this ship around, then just hand me the wheel.  Cause you know that this is all just fantasy, it doesn’t really matter how you feel.

Overall, I would have to say this is a fun album.  It does at times get a little deep, but not so much that you start to feel bad.  The music and instruments are tight and put together very well.  I can’t lie, the vocals surprised me more than once.  I heard some really awesome vocal range on here.  I would love to see this band live in a bar.  I imagine their live show is a lot of fun.  So would getting hammered to it.  I think it’s a mood album though.  I typically love depressing music when I am depressed and fun music like this when I am in a fun loving mood.

I am glad the band does their own thing.  Too often “reggae” bands tend to follow the pack and automatically get lumped into certain categories.  They are often described as sounding like other bands, such as Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, Tribal Seeds,etc.  They have a unique sound of blended genres that make for a great experience.

Below you can listen to the album.  I’ll also drop links for their Facebook page for you to connect!  Enjoy!  Look, listen, like, share and leave feedback!