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By Lexi Trenee

It’s crazy how life happens. One minute you’re in the studio, shooting a video, or performing live on stage and the next you’re fighting for your life.

Frame James, a Milwaukee rapper lived this horrible reality just prior to releasing his latest project. He was involved in a horrible car accident August 13, 2015 where he sustained head, back, arm, and knee injuries. He didn’t let that stop him.

On his road to recovery, he released Therapy along with videos for his songs Look In My Eyes and No Apologies. On this project you can find features from Twezzy, Lil Aaron, and many other artists.  Currently James is working on closing a deal with a major as well as two new projects set to go to iTunes, Maybach Dreams and Therapy 2.

Frames “would like for people to take from the Therapy project that you can continue to make it even when it seems impossible…..with strength, endurance, and persistence.”

Also his accident taught him not to take anything for granted cause it could be over in a blink of an eye.

Below you can checkout the release as well as music videos.

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