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Milwaukee based emcee Cinco is back with a new ep, “Dancing With My Demons.” This five track ep features production from M3 Productions, Mike Regal, Ben Allen, Miguel Diaz and Divine.  It also contains features from CDS, Mozaic and Abe Stewart.

The first track “Journey” is full of heart.  You can really feel the emotion as the track progresses.  You can tell a lot about this emcee and where his life is at this point based off these two verses.  It has a nice sung hook and the production by M3 Productions is on point.  It would be easy to bump this track on repeat and just sit back and chill.  The whole track feels like a strong statement.  No matter what obstacles are put in his way, he will not run away and will attempt to tackle them head on, whether he succeeds or not.

“Gotham” features CDS and Mozaic with production from Mike Regal.  Of course the beat is nice.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from something made by Mike Regal.  It has a much different feel than the rest of the tape.  It is more of an upbeat track and less personal.  It’s something that bumps hard and has the emcees showing off their talents.

“Gypsy Heart” is track three and produced by Ben Allen.  The beat is beautiful and perfectly fits this troubled storytelling track.  Three different tales of three different young women are portrayed on this track, each with their own stories, but each trying their best to cover up all the demons eating them up on the inside.  It’s a real portrait on the struggles people deal with on the inside as opposed to the person they put out there, whether it be in real life or through social media.  The track has a real, cliche as it might sound, Eminem feel, with some moments of Brother Ali thrown in there.

The title track “Dancing With My Demons” features Abe Stewart with production from Miguel Diaz.  Cinco is nothing without his perceived demons.  He embraces them and lets them be part of him.  He understands he is who he is because and in spite of them.  The production is nice, the hook is nicely sung and really adds to the track.

The final track “Crickets”, produced by Divine, is chalk full of lyricism and metaphors.  It feels like Cinco was really trying to flex his lyrical muscles and he succeeds.  His flow is so on point on this track.  He is doing this thing, regardless of what others are out there or what they think of him.  Cinco is going to do Cinco regardless.  There is even humility on here.  Where most emcees brag and call themselves the best, Cinco steps back and acknowledges he’s not the best out there, but he still is going to write things his own way.  The hook is hella dope as well. The beat is nice and catchy, it’s done very well.

Overall I would say this is a dope project from a young, talented Milwaukee emcee.  The production on this whole project is very good.  Cinco certainly knew which beats to pick and what would work for him.  All the features on this track were done well.  Everyone sounds really good.  Without a doubt though, this is Cinco’s project and he is the star.  He shines through over every other artist on here, he shines above every beat.  His voice and lyrical prowess are what makes this project hot and worth listening to and keeping in the rotation.

Take a listen to the project below.  Look, like, listen, share and leave feedback.