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Is there anything Rashida Jones can’t do?  Let’s see, she acts, writes, directs, made music, dances and influenced a hot up and coming Milwaukee rock band, The Rashita Joneses.


Consisting of Jeff Grabo (vocals and guitar), Matt Musil (bass) and Phil Hoge (drums), The Rashita Joneses are a loud, energetic, three piece band from Milwaukee, WI.

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This isn’t your typical cookie cutter, indie pop that has become popular as of late.  This is balls out, loud, screeching guitar, psychedelic garage punk, if you will.  With influences ranging from Ty Segall to Bass Drum of Death.  This is the high energy, screaming vocals of The Vines meets the psychedelic, bluesy riffs of Jack White, with a dash of Chris Cornell.  I find that to be an appropriate approximation of their sound.  If that sounds odd to you, take a listen to them.  Their EP Bang Bang! Lasagna is a great example of what I mean:


The band came together in early 2015.  Like many great bands to come before them, The Rashita Joneses started rocking out and jamming together, liked what they were doing and decided to roll with it and try to do something with their music.  For such a young band, they have accomplished much in a very short amount of time.  From rocking the garage to rocking regional tours.  The Rashita Joneses were even booked at Summerfest this past year.  As a newly formed band, this is practically unheard of.  To play at the worlds largest music festival so early on in their careers must have been surreal.

This band puts in a lot of work.  They have released five projects in the last year.  They have played opening shows for the band Twin Peaks.  Along with their label Tasty Tapes LLC, they helped organize and played the “stocking stuffer sticker party” at Mad Planet. Their label is also curating the first ever “Tasty Fest” in Milwaukee this year.  They have been playing shows non stop since they were formed, doing mini tours throughout the midwest.  It comes as no surprise that their live show is really where it is at.  This is a live band.  While others play to their strength in the studio, often failing to garner anything from a live performance, The Rashita Joneses excel in this environment.  They put together a high energy, get the f*ck up out of your seat and rock out kind of set.


Not only do they rock live sets, not only do they bring the energy to their recordings, but they have also shot a couple of awesome, trippy music videos that suit what they do so well.


The Rashita Joneses have an excellent future ahead of them.  They are a rare combination on hard work and talent.  They have invested in themselves, an investment for their futures.  So, what is on the horizon for them this year?  Just you wait.  They will be everywhere!  There will be more shows, more radio play and more love.  Look for them to be on a national tour this year.  Mark my words, The Rashita Joneses will have a big year.  They are on my list of artists to watch out for in 2016.

This is a band that would have been popular 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago and they are a band that is perfect for what the music industry needs today.  A return to the world of rock!  They are a band who will blow up big, no doubt about it.  If you get a chance this year to see them live, do it!  DO NOT hesitate!  You will not be disappointed.  You will have the time of your life.  You will eventually be that hipster saying, “I saw The Rashita Jonses before they were big.”  It’s okay, be that hipster.

One last thing the band looks forward to:  A review form the actual Rashida Jones.


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