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By Social Anxiety

It’s common knowledge that some of the best music (especially hip-hop) comes from Minnesota. Citizen Mohs (referred to as CM from here on out) embodies that spirit in all aspects of their album “Existentialism”.

The opening of “Welcome to MN” initially makes you think you’re about to listen to an entirely different album than you expected (a deception which is absolutely brilliant in its execution) and leads into an absolute trailblazer of an album opener. With the declaration “we came to get down” CM establishes themselves as group that wants to make some eardrum-shattering, feel-good music.


“Hellfire” opens with pizzicato strings that bounce all over the track along with vocals that bob and weave through the music with ease. With the lyrics “your limits aren’t really limits at all”, CM showcases that they want their listeners to challenge their perceptions about themselves and what they can achieve if they just believe in themselves.

“Build” continues with theme of optimism that CM wields like weapon in their art. The line “I build my life around my love” that closes out the song gets me everytime.

The production of “Battles” stomps around your eardrums and the chorus gets trapped in your head for days. On this track we see CM make some bold statements regarding their rapping abilities and in all honesty, I vibe with that  because they aren’t lying to you.

“Stark Raving Mad” shows CM at the peak of their lyricism with some flat out truths like: “They say money’s the root of all evil, but it isn’t really the money, it’s the greed that’s evil in people”.

This is followed by “Purpose” which features a singer by the name of Mariya Vjatkina singing an addictively catchy chorus. This song just speaks to my soul and I can’t help but love everything about it.

This leads into “We Are” which is filled with verbal acrobatics of the highest degree. Their flow on this is exciting and empowering all at the same time!

“Wordplay” probably contains my favorite production on the entire album and their flows on this really give the song it’s title.

“30,000 Days” featuring an artist called Big Jess ends the album on a proper note.

The thing I loved the most about this album is that you can hear the appreciation CM has for the intricacies of their lives and how that impacts their music and worldview. I’m always down for artists who try to relay messages because if you aren’t trying to say something real and important with your art then what the fuck are you doing it for?

My only complaint with the entire album would probably be the mixing and mastering of it. The production was fantastic, the vocals were always on point, and it all combined has this larger-than-life quality that I don’t believe the mixing and mastering fully did it justice.

With that said, I give this album an 8/10 and tell you all to get wise on Citizen Mohs because they will not be slept on. Just you wait and see!

Get this album at https://mohs.bandcamp.com/album/citizen-mohs-existentialism for free or pay what you want! I think you should pay these guys. It’s well worth the investment!