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By Blake Auler-Murphy

Did you grow up on the era of hip hop that measured it’s greats by verbal dexterity? A world where no brag seemed to tall if you sounded smooth enough and had the balls to say it? Do you miss the lyrical requirement of a bygone era in rap?

You luckily live in an age where some artists are still staying true to that sound and aesthetic, if you have dusted off “Illmatic” one too many times lately looking to restore that feeling of grit and authenticity, at some point you are going to need to look around for the cats getting busy today because they love what you love, Rap.

Taiyamo Denku loves Rap. Denku has shown this time and again by not only getting collaborations from legendary rappers(Kool G. Rap, Jadakiss) but also holding his own. The Collab King, as he is referred to by Veteran emcee and Hecatomb founder Carnage, finds himself uncharacteristically without guests on this project. Save a few guests for the crew cut, a beautiful remiscience of 90’s R&B on the track “Same Ol’ Shit” and cuts from DJ RchardGriecoSuave on the lead single “I’m here to stay”.

There is no overarching theme beyond the promotion of oneself through the doubt often generated when you have rivals and people who did not believe in you. This record is not for big concpets, it is for sharp witted rhymes and braggadocio. If you are looking for fringy weird hip-hop, this is not it, this is raw Boom Bap.
See below for single “I’m here To Stay”: