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Milwaukee based emcee Frankie Pyro has released a new ep entitled “Crossroad”.

It starts off with Frankie explaining where he is at in life and a poem that expressing his being stuck at the crossroads.  It is very existential.

This ep is a very quick listen, coming in at under 7 minutes.  It is worth a listen though.  The beats are nice and mood setting. Frankie has a nice flow to him.  His voice is distinct, not just in sound, but the message he wants to get across.  I would like to hear more than this small sample.  Hard to go into too much depth on my thoughts, so just listen and enjoy.

I envision Frankie taking another step with his next project and showing everyone who he is and what kind of music he wants to make.  The outlines are there.  This is that third eye, meta physical, out of body, acid tripping rap.  Think older Cudi meets The Underachievers, atleast that is how I see it.

Standout Track: Kali.  Everything about this track just works.  The beat, the wordplay, overall a fantastic track.

Listen to it here: