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I love this job!  I get to hear so much exciting new music.  I get to hear music of all genres.  I get to premiere new music all the time.

I am especially excited this morning for the new ZeroGravity single, “Forever Tomorrow.”  This single comes off of their new ep, New Moon, due out February 22nd.

If you don’t know ZeroGravity, they are a Milwaukee based duo consisting of Devin Lee and Jasmine Dunbar.  They make genre bending, ambient, space music.  They are a welcome and unique sound within the electronic scene.

Take this track, “Forever Tomorrow” for example.  It starts with real trippy sounds, leading into an intense build-up, only to drop into something that is fast, soothing and relentless.  Lending different sounds throughout, the track drops heavily half way through with some major bass!  Then we pick right back up again.

Electronic music rarely makes me feel anything but a headache these days, hey I’m old!  This track and this ep in general makes me feel a range of emotions, however.  The beauty in this project is phenomenal.  I think some chopped up vocal samples would have sounded great on this track, similar to what Keaton Henson did with his Behaving project.  Nonetheless, the understated beauty in this track is something to behold!


Take a listen to the track here and be on the lookout for the ep when it drops on February 22nd: