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By Social Anxiety


Snailmate is Kalen Lander and Ariel Monet, two cool, quirky musicians from Tempe, Arizona. They take their brand of hip-hop to a new plateau of awesome by lacing their songs with acid trip-esque synthesizers and a well-placed cowbell.

Their sophomore EP opens with “Jumper Cable” which urges listeners to jump during the chorus, and having just listened to them play this song live, I can assure you, it will make you jump and cheer and shout along!

“Worry Wart” opens with a mid-90’s hip-hop vibe to it and builds into a cacophony of synth and pounding rhythms courtesy of Kalen and Ariel respectively. The chorus of this song which goes “You should really get that looked at” will get stuck in your head for days.

“Virtuous Reality” picks up immediately with Kalen’s rapid-fire delivery and and Ariel’s drums which bounce along the track leading into an addictive synth-laced chorus. “Both” adequately capitalizes on Snailmate’s pulsating synths, breakbeat-esque fills, and lyrical acrobatics and becomes a totally addicting song.

“Doctor’s Blues” is a total monster of a track. Once the line “I’m start to get the distinct sense I may have wandered into the deep end” drops, you get sucked into the rabbit hole that is this song. The lyrics speak to the existential dilemmas that run rampant in me while the music bends and transforms across the four and a half minute track.

“Boogie Man” is the strongest closing song I’ve heard on an EP in years. The chorus screams in your eardrums with it’s sole line “I hate to have to play the devil’s advocate, but everybody else is fucking bad at it!”.

Once again, Snailmate shows they excel at making tracks that grow and mold over the course of their running time, showing a penchant for unbridled creativity. This EP is a testament to the creativity and fierce talent of this duo. It expands on the sound their debut EP “Escargot” established and turns it up 5 notches. This EP is proof that Snailmate is not afraid to explore a variety of sounds and styles and be bold. Do yourself a favor and pick up this EP immediately.