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By William Jungbauer III


Rapper Professor Klarrity claims to be from Portland, Oregon, but I think he’s lying

Fuck the industry, naw fuck the culture, hip hop biopsy, let’s see what the results are, it says here, are you sure this is right, i thought the patient was an artform, not an amature night,  it says here you hold a cypher every week and every mc is there and everyone gets in free, and every rapper freestyles….  Professor Klarrity – Cheap Heat.

I’m at a local cafe in Saint Paul as the boom bap instrumentals, nostalgic cadences and engineering make me feel even more at home as I sit here drinking my coffee and smoking a blunt. The first few tracks “The Game Got Me Fucked Up” and “Cheap Heat” screams Twin Cities hip hop.

As i watch the sun struggle to creep in between the skyscrapers and spotty clouds, “Fake It(Deal With The Real)” is playing,


You can fake it, but you can’t make it.

I think to myself, emcees and hip hop heads will love the word play and production but I’m not so sure about everyone else. This a definitely a cd you need to sit and listen to every line as opposed to bopping your head the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent mixtape, with fun and serious vibes, but it’s one you have to pay attention to all the words.


Listen to the project below: