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I am very familiar with Milwaukee emcee Bili Ro$e.  I have pushed some of his projects in the past to various blogs and done some work here and there.  Usually known for his mix of swagging, shit talking, sex fueled, Kanye inspired sound and songs, this new track is seems to be a step back from that a bit.

Not to say he hasn’t done other things.  I recall a very racially charged song he put out with his brother Jon Briggs that showed me a new side to him.  This seems to be in that direction as well.

Race is a very hot button issue, one that has been very prominent as of late.  We won’t go too deep into that here, but this track does have a basis in race.  What does it mean to grow up as a black man in America?  Bili explains how he is trying to grow up, being his very best, trying to head for the top, but regardless of how well he is doing he still needs to keep his head down to avoid the police.  Racism among police officers have been very well documented as of late, so it’s not a stretch to say this is real.  This is the life of a black man in America, regardless of social or socioeconomic status.

Don’t knock me off my high horse, you wanna blow my high for, praying for better days, I guess Bili just got high hopes….
Trying to dodge these red lights, red lights, red lights, yeah blue lights, blue lights, blue lights….


Take a listen to the new Bili Ro$e track below.  Listen, Like, Share, Leave Feedback.