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Social media is a funny thing.  You can randomly become friends with someone you have never met and build an almost friendship with them over the years.  This is my case with Firewalker.  I have seen his posts, heard of his struggles and read is poetry and lyrics over the years.  On the heels of releasing his debut project we get a track featuring him and Wisconsin based artist 50 Cal.

I will warn you ahead of time that, atleast Firewalkers’ verse, this track is unmastered.  So take that into consideration.

Firewalker is the first verse.  There is no doubt that he is there, on a lyrical level.  I have read his stuff and heard the few verses that he has put out.  The young man can write, without a doubt!  It’s just everything that accompanies that, that needs some work.  I have heard him grow and get better over the years.  You can tell he has a passion in him and that this is something he wants.  There is still much work to do when it comes to delivery, flow and timing however.  He is so close though!  Flow has picked up a lot from what I last heard.  Delivery and timing are such key ingredients to making hip hop.  All I can say to him is keep practicing and perfecting your craft.  You have a talent.  Talent and hard work will get you to where you want to be!  Use that voice of yours to dig down deep and let all those emotions you have spill out onto the track.  I want to feel the pain in our voice!  That will come when you are more comfortable on the mic though.

50 Cal is an artist I am not very familiar with at all.  He is on the second verse and boy, I was not expecting that.  His flow was impeccable.  The hunger, fire and passion in his voice was all their.  My first listen through I wondered several times to myself if I was hearing an Eminem verse that I was unfamiliar with.  It was very good.  I didn’t know anyone in Wisconsin that sounded like that.


Over all with a little bit of work and some mastering this would be a tip top track.  I look forward to hearing more music from both artists in the future.

Take a listen to the track below: