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“My mind boggles when time toggles.”  That’s a Joey Badass quote and for some reason it is the very first thing that came to my mind when I fired this track up.

Produced by Wreckon, the beat is very mellow.  It lays the groundwork to tell tales and share thoughts.  That’s what Prizm does on this track as well.

No mans an island, every man’s an obstacle.

The feeling I get from this track is a real 90’s vibe, mixed with almost a spoken word/beat poetry feel to it.  I really like that style. It’s just to me either this track was not mastered properly or Prizm is just slightly off beat through the songs entirety.

Imagine that, this perspective.

Prizm shares his feelings from varying viewpoints in a really laid back, easy to digest manner.  It is worth listening to several times in order to soak in all the meaning and lyricism on display in this track.  Prizm has a very familiar feeling in his voice as well.  Haven’t been able to exactly pinpoint it yet though, almost a little Biz Markie in there mixed with some Fearce VIllain of Dyme Def.

Hold it in, keep it close.  Frozen chin, avoid that knockout.  Process, empty your whole thought out.

What are your thoughts?

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