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There is a consensus within hip hop that each area of the country has it’s own unique sound.  When it comes to the Midwest (where the best hip hop comes from) there is such a unique mix of sounds and styles.  Drill music has been popular in Chicago, there is the lyrical masterminds in the Twin Cities, the artistic hip hop that’s getting a name in Milwaukee.  It’s many of the younger generation of hip hoppers that are forging these sounds.

Regardless of where you grew up I think it’s safe to say that many of todays hip hop acts grew up listening to and were inspired by Eminem.  Who’s to blame them right?  I’m 28 as I write this post. Em has been the biggest hip hop icon in the world, arguably, since I was about 10 years old.  With his unique talents it’s no wonder, though some may say his best works came out over a decade ago.

One of these inspired artists is none other than 50 Cal, hailing from the Northwest woods of Wisconsin.  You can hear in his tracks how heavily influenced he was, sometimes you could even confuse the two.  While there have been notorious Eminem ripoffs (see Denace), 50 Cal holds his own.  He has the talent to really take off as a hip hop force once he finds a voice and cadence that is a little more his own.

That brings us to this new track, Impossibly Strong.

Gotta push through the hate, never step on the brake/

Act like you’re running late, even if you ain’t/

Never settle for too short, always going long/

At once I was weak, but now I’ve grown strong


The hook on this track starts things off.  It’s one that gets stuck in your brain and sets up the concept behind the track.  It’s motivational.  The whole purposes of the track is to push you harder.  To tell you that you can do it all and you can accomplish everything you want, all be yourself.

The verses are super on point.  The comparison is there ofcourse.  The talent is all there as well.

If you want to be the best, you got to prove yourself/

Nobody’s gonna help, you got to do it yourself.


I love the passion and emotion in this track.  It feels genuine.  It feels like 50 Cal really believes the message behind his words.  It leaves a mark and it is a track I can see people really pushing themselves to.  It certainly pumps me up.

Take a listen to the track below.  Let your blood flow, your adrenaline rush, especially if you need that extra push!