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By Social Anxiety


Today at KnowMoreMusic we have the pleasure of debuting a brand new artist by the name of PsydeShow (real name Joey Gonzalez) from East Los Angeles, CA. On the debut single “Scumbag” off of his upcoming “Testimony of a Freak” EP we are treated to a grimey electronic anthem for all the weirdos and freaks to make the soundtrack to their revolution. With production done by ZiLO (real name Adrian Ruiz), an up-and-coming producer based out of Alhambra, a suburb just outside of Los Angeles, we get to hear his ability to combine his dubstep-like synths with PsydeShow’s punk rock delivery. There is a musical revolution developing in Los Angeles, and if these two artists play their cards right they are going to be on the frontline of that revolution changing perceptions on what music could and should be. This music will take you as far back as Rammstein and as recent as P.O.S. and you will love every minute of it. Do yourself a favor and buy “Scumbag” at https://psydeshowsucks.bandcamp.com and follow PsydeShow on Instagram at @psydeshow and like his page at https://www.facebook.com/psydeshow13 and follow ZiLO on Instagram at @bassheadofficial and follow him on soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/zilomusic.