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Big Lo Releases “Dystopia” Visual

“Dystopia” is the first video from Big Lo’s forthcoming album “The Amazing Luxurious Adventures of Baron von Lowenstein Esquire III.”

PENSACOLA, FL – When asked to describe his yet to be released album this video is supporting, Big Lo stated “‘The Amazing Luxurious Adventures’ effortlessly transports the listener to a vivid world of crime, debauchery, opulence, and socio-political commentary with a splash of dystopian philosophy. Equal parts nihilistic and hopeless romantic, Baron von Lowenstein Esquire III demonstrates an evolution of storytelling that Hip Hop has yet to hear. Rap will never be the same…or will it?”

That said, please join us for a glimpse behind the musings of the good Baron as we follow he and his co-star, Tiffany Miller deep into their Dystopia.

Song written by: James “Big Lo” Lopez

Song produced by: Chad Lowe aka Cyborganics

Video shot & edited by: Yabui Entertainment

Co-Starring: Tiffany Miller

SFX Makeup: Lemmie Crews

On March 21st, “Dystopia” premiered via http://www.GetThatPaperSon.com, who had this to say about it:

“…‘Dystopia’ is a cinematic glance into the dark and hidden places of the mind. Shot and edited by Yabui Entertainment and co-starring Tiffany Miller, ‘Dystopia’ depicts the thoughts of a tortured vs. an enlightened soul. The beat serves as the soundtrack with production by Cyborganics. Lo symbolically slays inner demons over familiar samples like Jay Z’s “Moment of Clarity” and Common’s “Come Close”. His verses invite the listener to (as said by the Artist himself) enter a World of “crime, debauchery, opulence, and socio-political commentary”. A war within; welcome to ‘Dystopia’.”  – Melissa Oakley, GetThatPaperSon.com




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