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Normally when I do an artist spotlight I like to ask the artist a whole lot of questions so myself and the readers can really get to know the artist and their background.  This time I am doing things a little bit differently.  It’s a bit of a surprise to the artist himself.  A spotlight focused solely on his music.  A music spotlight.

This time around we venture into the musical styling of RueThePoet.  A Milwaukee based emcee who uses an eclectic mix of sounds to create something that is all his own.  My hope here is to share some of those sounds with you and in doing so we all come to realize who RueThePoet is.

I have spoken to Rue several times, I read his posts on social media, I follow what he does.  I have come to see Rue as one of the most down to earth, humble artists I have had the pleasure of knowing.  There’s a steady message in everything that Rue does, “One Love”.  It’s something he preaches and really believes in.  It’s a simple message, but one that often goes unnoticed or used in insincere manners.

Enough with the chit chat, let’s jump into the music.  We’ll start off with his latest, a tribute to the late, great Phife Dawg.


Rue uses the instrumentals to “Scenario” to pay tribute to Phife Dawg, a major influence to many hip hop artists and member of A Tribe Called Quest.  Rue has a slightly high, slightly raspy voice that makes him both easy to remember and to understand.  The flow here is somewhat old school, but with a modern feel.  He starts the track saying RIP to Phife, filling his raps with quick, witty rhymes and ending with his one love message t0 everyone.  It’s really something.


Next we’ll step into the track Y.G.B.Y (You Gotta Be You.)


Take a look at your life. Are you really being you?  Are you just caught in the faze, of the maze of what everybody wants you to do.

As you can tell based off the title and those lyrics, this is a song about being and accepting you and who you are.  It features Abby Jeane Rebel Love belting out vocals in the background and in the hook.  The beat was produced by local producer Mike Regal.  The layering of Abby’s singing and Rue himself singing is just beautiful.  When the beat goes soft and Abby is singing by herself is simply stunning.  This overall is just a smooth, soothing track.  It is wonderfully arranged.



On “The 48 Freestyle” Rue takes what is arguably Tyler the Creators best track and remixes it into his own.  He starts it with the acknowledgment that artists are responsible for what message and what image that they project through their music.  That their is a responsibility as an artist to put out into the world what you want to get out of it.  The politics of this track are very upfront.  From police violence to the struggle of paying rent in the hood.  It’s all here.  Rue is nothing close to a chopper, but his flow does pick up pace as the track progresses.  It’s a good take a a good song.


So, by this point I have taken you into the world of three very different tracks from RueThePoet.  Each highlighting and spotlighting a different aspect of his talent.  These are the three tracks I’m digging in and I’ll let you discover more of Rues’ music on our own.  Hopefully you have followed along this whole time.  If so, you have taken note of how multi-talented this artist is.  From quick, witty flows and rhyme schemes, to arranging beautifully put to together tracks, to singing, RueThePoet is a talented artist who surely has something you can enjoy.

I’ll leave you with a link to his Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

Oh and one other message Rue would probably want shared with all of you:


One Love.