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This is the second time we have featured Prizm on the blog.  The first, I had quite a bit of constructive criticism.  He accepted that gracefully and rolled with it.

Now we got a new single, “Mercs & Mercs”, produced by Travis Gorman.  The beat is slick and gritty.  I love it.  Prizm does his thing on this track, lyrically.  I really enjoy his voice and his overall style.  Again, I would say the mix is not the best however.  It’s a bit all over.  I would love to hear this track with a professional mix and maybe without all the adlibs.  He does that and I think he has a classic street song.  A song everyone could bump in their cars.  It’s a great track, the beat is amazing, lyrically just killing it, but it does get hard to listen to.  Because of the problems listed above, it just makes it a very harsh listening experience.


Take a listen to the new track and checkout the links to Prizm below:

Oh, one other thing!  Let me let you in on something.  There will be another Prizm single released soon and after that all his latest singled will be bundled and available.  I recommend checking him out!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Prizm-102320284387

Twitter: @Przmatic