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I still hear the devil talking, I get visits from God.


Versatile Milwaukee rapper Frankie Pyro is back with a brand new single, “Diss-Belief.”  It starts off with Frankie addressing the listener.  People ask his if he is still crazy, no one ever asks him how crazy he is.  Yes, he is crazy.  Maybe he embraces that fact and uses it as a muse.  His music is different than many emcees out here.  He himself is able to do so many different styles.

On this track he toes the line between the art rap scene that is popular in Milwaukee and the trap styling that always seems to be prevalent.

I don’t believe in shit, that’s how it came about.  I’m just living for tonight, I don’t give a fuck about my life.  I’m sad to say I’m back from Hell, a fallen angel standing here.  No matter how much I pray I will not see pearly gates.

This track is two minutes of Frankie getting in touch with his inner demons, his dark side.  Life is a ever revolving circle of problems and situations.  We are all living as though we will never die, that there are no consequences to the things we do.  Frankie is trying to do good, trying to reach heaven when he ultimately passes, but feels it is a lost cause.

At least that’s my interpretation.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  One way ticket nonrefundable.

I’m chosen one, chosen son, gave it up to have some fun.


I like this track.  I like Frankies dark side.  I would like to hear more.  I wish this track was a little longer.  I felt it could have been arranged a little better, and maybe that’s just the mix.  Maybe it just needs a good mix and master.  I think Frankie could have dug a little deeper and really let that dark side pour out.  He could have gotten deeper and more personal, more emotional.  I know he is experimenting with this style and it’s a good start.  I would suggest to him listen to the Raz Simone track “They’ll Speak.”  I think that is something Frankie could achieve.  Both artists have dark sides, but also can make hard hitting club music.

Take a listen to the track below and let Frankie know what you think.