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Leo Kline Presents: Strum Your Way To Happiness Hosted By Parker: The Monolith  
reviewed by mandy cappleman

At first glance, I felt drawn to the featured art. Greens, purples, blues (you know, the cool color spectrum) and grayish hues have always spoken to me in these calm, quiet tones that just… resonate. Musically, Parker: The Monolith (aka Joel Rivett) offers a very simple sound experience – just a guitar and a voice – and I like that a lot.
Of the album content, my favorite (and, in my opinion, the best) song is track six, “Delerium” – which was also the first one that I listened to (and have revisited several times while working on this review.) The picking offers this homey, Kottke-esque sort of vibration and I appreciate the darkness I find within the lyrics.
Another track that I am fond of is “Another Sad Song About a Girl” (track two.) It offers a sound that reminds me a little bit of Polaris at times and then also a little bit of Pearl Jam at other times… The lyrics paint a picture. All-in-all, I appreciate the depth and emotion in this song; music makes for phenomenal therapy.
The rest of the album is okay and offers some good strumming patterns – mostly though, it’s those two tracks that really grab me. That said, I feel like Parker: The Monolith has potential. So, from one singer-songwriter work-in-progress to another: write more, practice even more, tighten up, quit smoking (ya smokin’ smoker) and, above all, keep expressing yourself – are ya ready? 🙂

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