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I’m a real life flame emoji…


Reason the Citizen, the Denver based emcee by way of San Diego, shook me out of slumber the other day with his new track Don’t Blink.  The beat is Warheads by J57.

It’s just under two minutes of Reason spitting bars and metaphors, making references to Drake and J. Lo in ways that show off his wit, quick mind and wordplay.  This is Reason letting you know that he is greater than all these other rappers out here.  This is Reason talking shit and making no apologies.  This is Reason unafraid of what you have to say.  This is Reason not deterred by any who get in his way.  This is Reason the Citizen, being bold and making sure you are listening.

If you unaware of his other music, I suggest you check it out.

Take a listen to the new track below and follow Reason the Citizen Facebook.