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Life is an ever changing series of events.  The things we go through ultimately help define who we are as individuals.  We are experience and environment.  The age old notion of nature vs nurture, with both making us who we are.  Despite where you live, what you’ve been through and where you were raised there are a few things that are always constant.  One of those being music.

It’s hard to imagine a life without music in it (what the hell else would I do)?  Music is as old as humanity itself.  It is a major part of every civilization and culture.  This leads us to Chisom, real name Chisom Uzosike, a 23 year old Nigerian American hip hop artist and producer.  The son of Nigerian immigrants, Chisom was the first in his family born in America.  Born in Detroit and raised in Maryland, Chisom was introduced at an early age to all types of African music thanks to his father playing it in the house.  When you listen to Chisom you can hear many African influences in many of his songs.  It was in elementary school that Chisom was introduced to hip hop and r&b from the local Baltimore hip hop station.  This was where it all started.

Chisom began producing music at 17 years old, inspired by DJ Premiere, The Neptunes, Kanye West and others.  With an ear for samples and sticking true to Nigerian roots, Chisom quickly developed his own unique sound.  He has produced things such as this:

As well as projects with Buffalo, NY hip hop star ChaunSAY Mackin’, including the renowned Buffalo Brave LP.


On the artistic front Chisom recently released his debut EP, “The Jordan Year.”  It has gotten a lot of good praise from sources including BReal TV, RESPECT Mag and the lead single “Africa Get Money” has been played on Sway and has been cosigned by legendary Chuck D.


Fresh off the release and Chisom is back with a brand new single.  Entitled “Soke” it is a remix of a song by Nigerian dancehall star Burna Boy.  Three languages are spoken on this track and features Chisom making it his own and flawlessly switching between rapping and singing.


With a unique blend of sounds, smooth voice, witty lyrics, marketable flow and talent on the production side there is no end in sight for Chisom.  He is undoubtedly on the rise and come up.  The young mc/producer has a bright future ahead of him as long as he continues to be true to himself and his roots.

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Chisom: @AfricanChisom