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Robert Hayes aka ‘Robb’ is a southern bred rapper achieving his dreams of musical success.  His Will Smith-esque sound leaves a ray of hope for new fresh sounding music. Swift rhymes and creative song writing skills give Robb more than a fighter’s chance in a saturated industry.  Kentucky raised, Robb started rapping at the young age of 15, freestyling every song he rapped and beatboxing his instrumentals.  In his best friends basement he rapped over a mic with a sock over it, recording vocals on the crowd favorite, Fruity Loops.  Acquiring industry instrumentals, Robb started to write, and take time to polish his skills with the pad, and the mic. Recording over 30 songs he realized how much he loved writing music.  With big influences such as, Will Smith, Eminem, 50 Cent and Nas, he developed an unconditional love for making music, but without the connects, he couldn’t piece together an opportunity to make it happen.



Kentucky didn’t necessarily have a large hip hop scene or music scene at that, so it was hard for him to spread his music around at that time.  Especially during a time in his life when nobody would take his dream seriously as an aspiring rapper.  Becoming a rapper was not as cliché as it is now, back then, yet it was something that local artist couldn’t get around with society as listeners.  If you hadn’t made it big, then you were not a ‘real’ rapper.   So Robb took a break on music, went to college for a while and as life did not work out as planned, and as society had planned, he left to live with his Biological father in Minnesota.  Making the move to a state 3 times as big as Kentucky, he noticed the music scene was a melting pot of talent.  So the ‘to be continued’ portion of his music career started back on track with networking to find a studio.



Robb always wrote to keep his mind sharp, so as he linked up with many of producers, who some fell through and some stayed, he kept making quality music. Completing his first mixtape self-titled, “Robb” he compiled 16 tracks of music he made over time after the move to Minneapolis.  This mixtape was a mix of different sounds, electric flow, and fresh jiggy sounding hip hop.  His standout track, “Kick It” brought electric vocals over the track originally done by ‘Sean Brown’.  The song got rave reviews and high praise, and granted him access to hundreds of fans ears.  As such a tight knit community, if you are not raised in Minnesota you pretty much don’t have a chance unless you take it, so he created his second project which was a full length LP also self-entitled, “The Robb Lp”.  The ‘Robb Lp’ consists of 9 standout tracks, 3 featuring the talents of Adele like singer Faye Lewis.  The highlight of the album, track #5 ‘Nostalgia’, spread like wildfire earning him victories on KMOJ’s infamous ‘Rush it or Flush’.  Granting him a radio interview, and consistent radio play he rose to be one of Minnesota’s rising hip hop artists. He has performed at Honey, 7th Street Entry, Lake Harriet Band shell and plenty of more venues to expand his claim to a top artist in Minnesota. He’s had features from top Minnesota hip hop artist ‘MetaSota’ and mentions by Rhymesayers artist, ‘Toki Wright’.





This is just the tip of the ice berg in accomplishing a dream that many give up on.  Robb is currently working on a new project titled, “Kenesaw Drive” which features 2 outstanding singles released for the album titled, “The Butta”, and “No Trouble’.  With his fan base growing everyday he continues to push the envelope and make the most creative music possible for everyone to love.  You can check out Robb’s music at the following links below and see what the hype is about! His eclectic sound fused with hip-hop and pop gives you more than what meets the ear!


Twitter: @realrobbmusic
Instagram: @robiiejr