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A Blizzard of BLK Gold



I spoke to Milwaukee emcee and SAFS Crew member Blizz Mcfly about his dope new project BLK Gold. Milwaukee lyricist SonEmAll happened to be in the studio and ended up being Blizz’s cousin, so he sat in on the conversation. After talking for an hour and landing on the topic of radio hip hop and hit records, we decided to actually begin the interview.

MCFLY: …I feel like with BLK Gold I meshed both. If any rapper was to do it the perfect way, I can do it.

DSCRIBE: When you say both, what do you mean? Both what?


I’m meshing that almost trap sound, dark but putting light on it.

MCFLY: Lyrical consciousness, supreme elite emceeing on top of some shit (production) you probably hear on the radio every day. I’m meshing that almost trap sound, dark but putting light on it. Just showing that whole transitional process from where I was when I was confused and in the matrix to my moment of awakening and me realizing what my purpose is with this rap. Opening peoples’ minds to new things and new horizons. Mind projection works. If we delete the negative shit, life will work. But you’ve got to be a warrior with it too. Accept the battles, and suck it up. If we all come together man, all this shit would be paradise!

DSCRIBE: So then that’s your goal, what you’re trying to accomplish with the project? To get people thinking in a whole different way?

MCFly: Yeah man. It’s like a whole new perspective. Let’s level up.

DSCRIBE: You were talking about your transitional process and awakening moment. Is your music from a couple of years ago from the pre or post awakening Blizz?

MCFLY:  That was where I was confused, but I thought I took off. Then my plane crashed in a metaphorical way.

DSCRIBE: So how do you feel about that music?


I just really want to get out here and show people this present day form of Blizz.

MCFLY: That music was superb, but I didn’t go the right way with my rollout. And just because I didn’t achieve certain things, I stopped on it. Just because I didn’t get it on a blog or know the right people to get it to, I just put out a video and was ready to work on BLK Gold. As I moved on the BLK Gold I started thinking about putting out videos to my old shit, but I can go back a release that music that wasn’t heard. I just really want to get out here and show people this present day form of Blizz. There’s a lot of music that I have been waiting to hear from a lot of people, and I feel like I made that music with BLK Gold.

DSCRIBE: So moving on to BLK Gold which you released this past Friday…

MCFLY: It’s like you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but when BLK Gold drops, you’ll be like “ohhhhh shit.” This shit’s been worked on and filled and flopped 7 or 8 times, morphing it and playing with it until I got it to its right state. It as a process, but I feel like it was worth it.

DSCRIBE: So the black in BLK Gold is spelled “BLK”. Is that an Acronym?


Everybody doesn’t deserve a piece of your pie but we could benefit off everybody learning how to fucking fish.

MCFLY: The whole breakdown of the lettering there is Beyond Living Kings: God’s Omen to the Living Dead. What I mean by that is as far as representing the King/Emperor/God, the strongest force you can be under the almighty, I haven’t seen the best. I feel I can do that, and my vision is beyond that of the people you call your favorite rappers.  There are more people like me; we all have that. This is a motivational approach. What I mean by Living Dead is we’re all living but we’re like a toy still in the box and don’t know what we can actually do. I feel like a lot of artists couldn’t articulate that. I don’t know if it’s fear that stops people from saying some of this, but I don’t care. If you’re riding for God and know he is the almighty, if he is telling me all this righteous stuff, why should I be scared to put it out there? That thought process creates a force that’s unstoppable. If everybody really feels it, I’m just going to say it. Get money, but think about the people. Think about how much further this shit could go. Everybody doesn’t deserve a piece of your pie but we could benefit off everybody learning how to fucking fish. It’s all a process, and I always look at everything as being in a gradual state.

DSCRIBE: Did you have a lot of features for the album, and what about producers?

MCFLY: I didn’t step out of the crew. I really wanted to, but I’ll do that next. A lot of people think I only work with SAFS. People say I’m super cold and probably think I don’t want to work. I feel like I need to get my bars all the way right, keep sharpening my sword before I do that. I just wanted to get this idea out first. All the projects before BLK Gold were prototypes.

DSCRIBE: So who produced and featured on BLK Gold?

MCFLY: Austin Fig, Vincent VanGreat, Derelle Rideout, Scott Supreme, myself, Mike Regal, CameOne, Mammyth, Flawless Tracks, Deb.On.Air my little cousin, and some additional stuff with Klassik. As far as features I have Jungle J, Young Daa, Vincent VanGreat, Debonair, SAFS Crew Sunny, Klassik, pretty much crew.

DSCRIBE: You said you made music you were waiting on from other artists.  So what do you listen to right now as far as other artists?


If I had the right moment to shine, I guarantee I’d shake the globe.

MCFLY: To be honest, right now, the only thing I listen to …I’m so far behind on anything that’s dropped, because the only thing I’ve listened to myself. Features I’ve done in the last 8 months. My cousin Lucky the Barber told me to zone out and delete all the radio stuff and just stick with your sound. At that point my music became so much better than what’s on the radio that I just couldn’t play it. If I had the right moment to shine, I guarantee I’d shake the globe. I feel like there’s this barrier of people who know this about me but don’t want to open the door.


DSCRIBE: We (motioning toward Milwaukee Lyricist and Blizz’s cousin SonEmAll) were just talking about that yesterday! That’s funny to hear you say that because you’d think being SAFS crew with Klassik, Vincent VanGreat, and Dukalion among others would help you, but I see that you haven’t gotten as much pub as I’d think.


I just want to be able to push being positive and being aggressive towards doing what you really want to do if it’s a righteous thing.

MCFLY: It’s crazy dog. I’m a full grown man, and I feel like we just need to get to the facts. Long ago I was trying to do this music shit and caught shade from people in the scene based off my family members simply posting my music. I also started feeling blackballed in a sense after the cypher. Everybody knows I had one of the coldest verses, and mother fuckers did not want to say it. I was very humble and just figured I was weak. But now looking back and watching it yeah Tay had the theatrics, he was cold, and that nigga was gifted. I fuck with him; I went to high school with him.  Versus everyone else in the room man, I stood my ground and didn’t get the respect I deserve.  I’m not one to say I’m the best; I just say that shit to fuck around and ruffle feathers. Like with the shit with Reggie Bonds, a lot of people take that to heart. I was just being a rapper. Ok you’re saying that, then let’s test it. Let’s spar bro before we go out here Milwaukee versus Everyone. A lot of people might have taken it another way, but that’s where I was at with it. Now that I see the respect that comes from doing stuff like that, really having to stand on it, I’m just going to have to give y’all a body of work that will back that up. This is about Milwaukee; if we come together this shit can flourish.  A lot of people say I’m in a fantasy world, but it can happen. It has happened for multiple cities.  I am not going to settle for that! If I have to go out here and rap on 35th and Burleigh every day or anywhere. People think because I’m light skinned I came up in Menomonee Falls or whatever. I was raised on 39th and Locust. The highest number I’ve lived in until I was eighteen was 70th street. Seventieth and Hampton, and that was the first time I got shot at and had a gun in my face. I ain’t never had no problems on 39th; I thought I moved out the hood! People are tripped out. That’s why I’m just trying to do cool shit; I’m not trying to be what you see every day. That’s counterproductive to me. They say if you continue to do the same thing and expect something different, that’s insane. Some people can be complacent and just chill if that’s what they want to do. The thing about that is some people who look complacent or content may have a deeper drive, but they feel like they have no chance and just give up. It’s probably an OG somewhere who’s seen all this shit but gave up on it and is sitting in his own doubt. He could have been that key with the vision to make something out of nothing. I just want to be able to push being positive and being aggressive towards doing what you really want to do if it’s a righteous thing. As long as it balances with the universe, do it. But sometimes rules have to be broken for stories to be told.


Stream Blizz MCFly’s BLK Gold here:








DSCRIBE is a Milwaukee native and certified recording engineer. He enjoys long walks with his MPC 4000 and moonlit beach dinners with his Macbook Pro.