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With the first single off his new ep, Milwaukee emcee LR (Lyrics N’ Rhythm) releases DOTDF, Death of the Drake Flow on Vimeo.  Dealing with a topic in hip hop that will be around for a long while, the copycat mentality of many emcees, trying to emulate more popular artists.  Specifically he speaks about how after Drake dropped how many emcees tried to copy his exact style.

It’s more than just Drake though, look at music these days.  You have a 1000 artists who want to be Future, some garnering fame off of this like Desiigner with his track “Panda.”  As someone who doesn’t listen to popular music I have a hard time distinguishing between rappers like Future, Fetty Wap, Rich Homie Quan, etc.  I remember a few years ago everyone was on the case of Denace because they said he was copying Eminem’s style.  Now that very same thing is celebrated and even pushed.  It’s not just the mainstream music either, you have a 1000 young rappers wanting to sound like Hopsin.

This was a good topic to write about.  There is so much debate that could go into this and at the end of the day LR wants to encourage you to be yourself, stay in your lane and don’t fall victim to conforming to a gimmick.

LR falls into his own on this track produced by 40Mil.  The beat is dope, the flow is completely on point and the hook is strong and catchy.

Take a listen to the new track below and share your thoughts on the topic: