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It has been three long years since Jahmarri Deal, a Milwaukee based emcee, has released any music.  Three years.  That is a lifetime in terms of music and technology, in terms of fashions and trends.  Recently Jahmarri released Bury The Hatchet (interlude 1), a very poetic, spoken word track off of his upcoming, The Dark Wolf Project.  

Now we have another new track from Jahamrri.  Entitled “Hatin'”, a one off single which will not be featured on The Dark Wolf Project.  Produced by ACR Productions, mixed and mastered by Fox Engineering, this track comes in a t just under two minutes.

A pessimist only lives by the relevance of the things that he hatin’ on.


The track starts with quick rhymes detailing how people hatin’, developing into a quick tale of him and his friends and the things they had seen growing up.  It ends with a sort of notice or warning to other emcees, Jahmaari has given you three years to do something, but he has seen nothing out of any of you but some hatin’.  He’s coming to kill you.  You better watch out.

This seems like a good introduction to Jahmaari, but I am unsure where his music is headed.  He states that this track did not turn out as expected and considering it will not be featured on his new project I am unsure what to think.  I this Jahmarri just talking shit?  Is this his true style or should we expect more of the poetic, spoken word?

Whatever it is I am excited to see what lies ahead.  Regardless of style to come Jahmarri has the quick wit and intelligence to prosper.

Listen to the new track below: