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Marginally Western Skyline


Kari Arnett describes herself on her website as being fitting for fans of Joni Mitchell & Emmylou Harris, which is appropriate in a reminiscent sense. While she has a decent voice, I find myself wanting something w/ more “umph” behind it. This record contains lots of your classic, “My heart is lonely, the time will come for love”, kind of lyrical content, which is excusable in the right context, but there isn’t enough going on on this album to pardon it.


I cannot discredit this album completely. It has some good moments, such as the melancholy, longing feel of “When We Were Young”, & the more upbeat driving forward sound of “Casualties”, though the latter still lacks the lyrical content to really make it a truly interesting listen.


Don’t get me wrong, I feel like there is a lot of potential for Kari Arnett to grow as a fabulous artist. She has a good voice, & I feel like she could put out some really impressive work if she could think a little more outside the box.


This album basically sounds like Stevie Nicks circa 1996. You can take that as you will, but I take it as a rehashing of something that was fairly cookie-cutter to begin w/ when it was done the first time. First albums are tough. You put yourself out there w/ no audience to reference. “Midwestern Skyline” is not at all a bad first try, but I believe she can do better. There could be a bright future for Kari Arnett, musically. Just the same, there could be a lot of county fairs. I hope it’s the former & look forward to see what will come next.






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