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Cullen Sampson, the Oshkosh, WI based artist formerly known as CDS has just released his first single off his upcoming debut album.

Entitled “Oh My”, Sampson has created a dreamy pop song in every aspect.  He manages to create an atmospheric sound with each detail.  The beat is there, but it does not take the forefront like the beats in much of hip hop today.  The beat almost just lays there, surrounded by the vocals, slowing dripping its kicks and bells out at the exact moment that that sound is needed.

When it comes to vocals, they are the star of the track.  The sultry, dreamy pop, half sung sounds of a man in love.  In love with not just a woman, but with the art that he creates.  In love with a life that he has made for himself.  In love with the positivity flowing through him.  To me this is Mike Posner mixed with an auto tuned Frank Ocean and that creative splash of FKA Twigs.

Cullen Sampson shows on this track he is a unique talent.  With a creative mind, a starving ambition and a sound that will draw in fans of all types of music, I look forward to hearing his full album.  An album that could rightfully catapult him into the forefront of popular music.

Take a listen to the track below: