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Nate Wood promised a party with his new video and he did not disappoint.  The 24 year old Waukesha, Wisconsin based emcee had a lot of fun with this one, as you can tell.  I imagine it was a nice step back from his usual approach.  If you unaware of his music, I feel it mostly lies in the realm of the deep.  Using his lyricism to dig deep into his emotions and consciousness to give you metaphors on life.  This is a step away from that for sure.  The track is super lighthearted, super catchy and just a fun experience.


The track was produced by Max Petersen, a talented up and coming producer from Des
Moines, IA. The video was filmed and produced by Alex Belleville and his ‘Mirrorless Productions’ team from Oshkosh, WI. It was filmed at ‘Brainwave Studio’ home of in-house producer Yogi Benjamin and local Waukesha artist, Del Mar the Poet. The video was filmed on February 27, 2016 and was produced in order showcase the community of artists and friends.

Without a doubt you can tell this was a group of friends just having fun.  Everyone is this video seems super into it and really natural.  This is just a typical experience for them.

Enough with all that though, you came here to see the video right?  So check it out below: