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Remember when I said Jahmarri took a three year break from music?  Find that here.

Well, consider that break officially over.  After releasing “Hatin'” just a couple of weeks ago, he is already back with brand new music.  The new single “The Wolf & The Fox” is the first official single from his upcoming project, The Dark Wolf, set to be released later this month.

This track is a heavy hitter in every regard.  From featuring the multi-talented emcee and engineer Cleo Fox III and produced by Mister X Mammoth.  The hook on this track is so catchy.  In typical modern rap fashion it highlights drug use and partying.  Not saying that is a bad thing, but we have heard it before.  Regardless of that, it stays with you, making you want to nod that head.

Both verses are dope and both very different.  These are two very young guys with talent.  The metaphors are there, the flow is there, everything is on point, even if the track may be a little shallow.  This isn’t a track you sit down and digest and think about.  It’s a track that gets stuck in your head, that you enjoy while cruising with the windows down.

From what I’ve been told talking with Jahmarri, this track is a step away from what the rest of The Dark Wolf will be.  Hearing his lyricism not only on this, but on Hatin‘ and the interlude he put out before that, I can only imagine a very deep, J. Cole type project coming from him.  The talent and ability is there and I can’t wait to hear him turn that corner and reach that next level!


Take a listen to the new track below, also be sure to share, leave feedback and connect with Jahmarri on Facebook.