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Los Angeles based Forebear, consisting of Scott Goldbaum (vocals/guitar) Mike Musselman (drums) Molly Rogers (viola/vocals/keys) Nick Chamian (bass/vocals), has recently released a new single entitled “Delroy Lindo.”

The new tack is the first track off of their upcoming project Good God, set for release August 26th.  This track as well as the whole project was produced by Eric Lilavois (Saint Motel, Atlas Genius, Surfer Blood) and recorded at London Bridge Studios in Seattle.

Let’s dig just a little bit into the song.  Self described as cinematic dirt rock, “Delroy Lindo” was not at all what I expected when starting this song.  As is our nature to compare arts to one another, when this first started I got a real California, Jack’s Mannequin type of vibe.  Not the bright sunny California, more of the dark, brooding side many of us don’t think about.  That’s what the song is however, a description of a couple with a false sense of romanticism about California, moving there and eventually being eaten up by it.

Lyrically it is smart and poignant.  The vocals on here are stellar, staying somewhat in a higher realm, but you can hear the range that is there.  Shortly into it, it loses that Jacks Mannequin feel that I said previous.  There is a sound there that is so familiar, yet I can’t quite lock it down to sounding like any one artist/band.  A mesh of beautiful sounds, resulting in a fantastic song.

The chorus is very catchy.  To me the star of this track however are the strings.  Without those, I am not sure what I’d be listening to.  They are absolutely beautiful.  They are the same reason I love things like Ray LaMontagne’s “Empty” or Keatons Henson’s “You.”  They just help to simply elevate the track to a new level, helping merge the beautiful vocals and the other instrumentation.

My one criticism is the very first time that the chorus kicks in, it is unexpected and feels a little forced.  There is not really a build up to it like the rest of the track.

Overall the track makes me anxious for the release of their full length project.  With beautiful vocals, the methodical rhythm section and song writing skill, I forsee brilliant careers or all involved.  Forebear has everything you are looking for in indie rock to become a real powerhouse.  Look for their music to be everywhere before you know it.  When they become a big name, you can then become a hipster and tell everyone you knew of them before they were cool.


Listen to “Delroy Lindo” below”