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By Aaron Brown

Age: 33 Location: Southern California/ Dana Point


What got you into music:

My first experience with creating music began when I started learning piano at a young age and continued as I picked up the guitar. Aside from a couple attempts at writing parody songs in elementary school, I did not start writing lyrics until my senior year of high school. What pushed me to try to create my own music was a combination of things. I had heard Ja Rule give an interview on Power 106 where he talked about giving up music altogether, and that just didn’t sit well with me. I remember thinking to myself “If I had the opportunity that he has I would never give that up. The second thing that pushed me to actually write my own song and record was hearing a couple fellow classmates record a freestyle over a Puff Daddy beat and upload it on Napster. I just remember saying to a friend “I could do way better than that” and my first recorded track came shortly after.

Who inspires you:

I have many musical influences but the question of inspiration can be answered in numerous ways. A powerful story of an individual overcoming seemingly impossible odds, a movie, a book a legend. Of course there are the usual suspects like Tupac, not just for his music but his passion and his way of creating a connection with people who have never met him. There are certain musicians and vocalists that just make me want to write. When I heard Bone Thugs or Tech N9ne come out with a new song and create some unheard of patterns and flows it made me want to stop everything I was doing and create. The truest inspiration comes from the people who take the time to message me and let me know that my music has stopped them from committing suicide. Knowing that what I am fortunate enough to create has the ability to save lives and comfort people is enough inspiration to get me through the most difficult times in my life.

Why do you do music

– I create music because without it I become depressed and have a sense of worthlessness. Music is my form of therapy and I know listening to music is therapy for other others. I want to be able to chance lives, provide comfort and inspire people the way I have been inspired. I also enjoy the process from the first stroke of the pen to the last words of a show before I step off stage. It may sound cliché, but I do music because I need to.

What is the frat to you:

The fraternity is a collective of extremely talented individuals. The frat includes everything from beat makers and engineers to lyricists and vocalists. The fraternity is a type of super group that contains highly skilled individuals with original and unique styles that somehow mesh perfectly on the same song together. The frat is my extended family, supportive and competitive.


How did you encounter the frat:

Before the frat was formed I was asked to be part of a cypher that consisted of a few OG frat members. Shortly after I was extended an invitation to be an original member in what was to be a super group of lyricists which consisted of 6 MC’s and 1 beat maker/producer. Since then some changes have been made, some have left and others added.

How long have you been making music:

The question of how long I have been making music is a tricky one. I started playing piano around age 8 and began writing around 2002, however I became serious when it comes to music around 2006. So to answer your question, I have been making music seriously for roughly 10 years.

Goals for your music career:

My goals are to be successful, I want to be able to live off music alone. I want music to be my sole source of income so that I can support my family from it. Obviously I wish to be known worldwide and be respected among my peers as well as the greats, but at the end of the day I want to have the ability to give 110% to music to support my family and continue to save/change lives.