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Hi-Five is a Cincinnati based emcee formerly know as Young 3ast.  Hi-Five brings us a new track entitled, Southern Lovin.’


Man, this track vibes!  The beat is smooth, those drums are slightly funky and that saxophone makes a huge difference.  B. Young did a great job on the production.  Hi-Five just sounds so damn good on here!  The hook is so freakin’ catchy.


Got to get it for my people, they aint giving us nothin’

Windows tinted, riding dirty, boy you can hear percussions

Stupid n*ggas keep on lying, wait til they out in public

Early morning with my grandma, making that southern lovin’


The flow here is phenomenal.  Its just flows so smooth, even when he decides to switch it up and go faster or just start talking.  He has a strong southern accent as well, which adds to his inflections on this track.  In case you are unaware Cincinnati is in southern Ohio, separated by Kentucky by the Ohio river.  Even though he is from Cincinnati, based on this track you could easily think he was from Atlanta, Mississippi, or hell, even Houston.

Hi-Five has such a smooth swagger to his music.  It’s very easy to listen to and really just pleasing on the ears.

I’m not going to get much more indepth than that, just take a listen to the track and make your own judgements below: