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Young Daa is giving us a small taste of music today.  Today, on his birthday, entitled “Young.”  This is just a small stop gap of music on the road to his full length LP later this year.  Young Daa rolls with a pretty deep crew, you may have heard of them before, SAFS Crew.  This is not the first time we have featured an artist from SAFS.  That is no mistake either, because when it comes to Milwaukee hip hop they are deeply engraved in it.

While not being the most well known SAFS member or Milwaukee hip hop artist, I feel that Young Daa certainly deserves more recognition and will demand it after this release.  It’s a small taste of music, with only six tracks, but I think I hear enough on here to declare it as one of the top Milwaukee hip hop projects to come out recently, if not the best.

Full of quick, hard hitting bars and metaphors, Young Daa proves on this tape he can be a masterful lyricist.  This ep lies somewhere in a murky realm however, somewhere between street and backpack rap.  Feeling that he could take either route on any given track.  His voice is almost a mix of Ab Soul, Lupe Fiasco and Danny Brown.

Featuring great production from Mike Regal, Tone Jonez and himself and features from 1N3, Mar-B and SAFS honcho Blizz McFly.  The self produced track,”Heat” is the shortest track on the project, but maybe the most honest reflection of who Young Daa is as an artist.

While this project is very good and excites me for a full length or more one off singles, it is also not without its faults.  Daa does a great job of using his voice to express himself at times, other times it falls a bit flat, and can cause someone to lose interest.  Also mixing up the rhyme schemes and bit may help.  The thing I really want to see however, and I think Young Daa could do really well, is to drop something really deep or just straight, gritty bars , not just on the surface level.  I mean something along the lines of “Like Me” or “Big Dusty” by Joey Badass.

So overall this is a really great project from Young Daa that leaves your ears aching for more.  I listened to this back to back probably 10 times is a row and each time it ended I wanted to listen again.  It was almost like a preview or movie trailer to me, giving us a sneak peak of what he can do, but holding back just enough to make us demand more.
Take a listen to the ep below and checkout Young Daa at the following links: