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Chi Money


Age: 30


Location: Chattanooga, TN


What got you into music:

I’ve always loved music for as long as I can remember, my parents always had music playing, and I have many relatives who play instruments, and my grandmother was a song writer, she wrote a song for Petula Clark titled “Come On Home”, which Petula also named one of her albums. After growing up in the Chicago land area and heading down a path that wasn’t very promising, I decided to move at the age of 19 to Tennessee with my father and sister. After moving I got my first computer and found a website called Sixshot.com, a rap battle forum. Before signing up to this site I have previously did some writing, even wrote a couple short stories when I was real young, so writing was something I already took interest in, but once I found Sixshot, I was writing all day, every day, trying to elevate my game to where the top writers/battlers were at. At first I was just a “newbie”, but some of the vets saw the potential and they would give me feedback on just about every line I would write, between that and pushing myself through online battles, I eventually got my writing to the level I wanted before I started to record actual songs, even won a few online tournaments. In the summer of 2006 I bought my first mic and recorded my first song, I then went on a rampage as I did when I started writing, I was recording almost every day and releasing songs with the intentions of consuming any constructive criticism so I could take my music to where I envisioned it and beyond.  After 11 years and numerous mixtapes, albums, EPs, and singles, here I am.


Who inspires you:

Life in general inspires me. I’ve come very close to losing my life a few times from Diabetes alone, and when you come that close to death, you see things differently. A lot of my concepts/songs are created from me just evaluating and reflecting on what happens not only in my own personal life, but the ones around me as well. If you are in my life at all, chances are you have already inspired me in some way.



Why do you do music:

I’ve been asked this question many times over the years, and honestly it’s just something I enjoy doing, almost NEED to do, at this point I would feel lost without it. I don’t do it for recognition, attention, or fame, but there is no better feeling then when someone connects with your music, the feedback I’ve received over the years has been amazing.


What is the Frat to you:

The Fraternity is a bunch of very talented people with a great work ethic, who are all creative, unique, and innovative. I am very proud to be a part of The Fraternity, I hope to see all my Fraternity family continue achieving their goals and will do whatever I can to help them do so.


How did you encounter the Frat:

I met Sleep and Cocaine Chris years ago when they went by the name “II Man Cypher”, it was kind of crazy too, before meeting, we both previously released a mixtape with basically the same name, theirs was “The Hunger Games”, mine was “The Hunger Game”, great minds think alike? aha. After that I started to meet more of the artists that would become The Fraternity, I knew all of the original members and have done songs with most of them over the years, Sleep added me to The Fraternity roster at the very end of 2015.


How long have you been making music:

I have been making music for about 10 years now, writing for over that, I recorded my first song in July 2006.


Goals for your music career:

I feel like being an artist is something you should never take for granted, something that can be taken from you in a blink of an eye, so I’m just appreciating the talent I was given and trying to do the most I can with it. I hope to reach more and more people with my music and continue to improve in every aspect, by continuing to invest every bit of energy, passion, drive, money, time, etc I have into my music.