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Bitter’s Kiss is the brainchild of Chloe Baker (vocals/guitar/piano) and her father Michael Baker (guitar/piano/bass/drums). Their new EP “Love Won’t Make You Cry” builds and expands on the same ideas that their self-titled debut introduced late last year. Bitter’s Kiss captures the essence and nuances of Regina Spektor, Sixpence None the Richer, Sarah McLachlan, and Carole King and dresses them up in her own special way.


The opening track “No One Will” has so much more life and weight behind it than when it appeared on their self-titled debut and I’m very thankful we got this version of it. While the lyrics may seem somber, there is a beautiful kind of independence Chloe displays in them by stating that she is the sole manifestation of happiness and positivity in her life. “The Rope” contains quite possibly the most haunting melody and lyrics on the entire EP. It is about the suicide of her distant cousin who had extremely religious parents, however, she uses this track as a vehicle to talk about the importance of honoring your true identity and finding the meaningfulness in life that makes it worth living.


“Love Won’t Make You Cry”, the eponymous track of the EP takes me back to the somber melodies of the Bright Eyes album “I’m Wide Awake; It’s Morning” and builds into an almost Randy Newman-esque jangle by the piano and percussion. Chloe’s positivity and Michael’s production especially shine on this track, as both the lyrics and music confirm a prevalent theme of this EP: we are responsible for our own happiness and autonomy and shouldn’t let others ever hold that kind of power over us if we want to be truly happy. “Friday Nights” also contains a haunting melody that chimes and resonates within the deepest parts of your soul while seemingly confronting the anxiety one faces trying to live true to themselves.


“My God” is a somewhat mediocre ending to an EP that was mostly great. I realize that probably has more to do with my views on the subject of God than the validity of the message on the song because it is a very positive song and I do like that about it, so please take this aspect of my review with a grain of salt because different people will get different things out of this song and I would never want to deprive someone of an experience they might otherwise find positive. Overall though, “Love Won’t Make You Cry” is a very enjoyable EP all the way through and I definitely think if you are into the indie pop darling image that Bitter’s Kiss displays then this album will be a very comforting and enjoyable listen for you. I’ve worked with a lot of female talent in my career as Social Anxiety, some I would never work with again, some I would call up in a heartbeat, and judging from this EP, Chloe is one of those people that would be called in a heartbeat because she’s a shining example of everything right with her generation. I can’t wait to see what else Bitter’s Kiss and Chloe Baker has in store. You can listen to and purchase “Love Won’t Make You Cry” on iTunes.



No One Will – 10/10

The Rope – 9.5/10

Love Won’t Make You Cry – 9/10

Friday Nights – 10/10

My God – 7/10


Overall: 9.1/10