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Hey there!  Welcome to the inaugural Music You May Have Missed (MYMHM).  A glance at new music and albums that have been released in the last week that you may not have had a chance to hear, but are worthy of a listen!  Each will get a short write up and a few links for you to checkout.  Hopefully you learn about a new artist and discover some new music you may not have heard before.


We will start off this week with the latest release from our good friend Social Anxiety.




His newest album

WEIRDO: Love Songs For Revolutionary Spirits

Was due for a July 9th release date, but luckily the man gave it to us early!!!!  It has a much different feel to it than previous releases we have had the chance to checkout or review.  Social Anxiety manages to blend the worlds of punk rock, pop punk and hip hop in seamless fashion. Something I love.  I have always said, some of the best hip hop acts I know are former punk rock kids.

The album is really split into almost two completely different concept albums.  The first half (nearly) showing us a punk, juvenile and problematic side to Social Anxiety.  A real drug fueled, fuck you punk rock, hip hop opera.

The second half has Social Anxiety conforonting the problems we all face and dealing with issues of love, dating and the overall cycles we deal with in our lives.

If you want a more detailed description of each track, please visit this LINK!

Overall the album is one of the best I have heard this year altogether.  Lyrically the entire album is excellent.  Full of meaningful lyrics, metaphors and engaging content.

Checkout the album at the link below:



Next we have the latest release from Wisconsin based emcee 50 Cal, his debut album All Under Control.




This album actually features two tracks we have featured here before, Impossibly Strong and Revenge of the Fallen.

50 Cal is an immense talent.  He is incredibly versatile as an artist, often switching his styles between hip hop, chopping, even singing on this album.  While he does have noticeable similarities to a more famous hip hop act, he really does his own thing on this album.  The highlights for me are how deep and personal 50 Cal gets on this album, often times being incredibly patient and motivational.

50 Cal is nothing if not loyal.  Featuring several members of his crew on this album.  While I am not a fan of every feature on this album, I commend him for staying true to his friends.  It is sometimes baffling that he is not larger in the underground than he is.  There are several other rappers who sound like him, who I think he is actually more talented than.  A lot of it is how he markets himself or what opportunities the other artists jump on that he does not.

This album is done incredibly well however.  All of the production is spot on and vocally and lyrically there is nothing else you could ask for.  It is technically sound and for sure worth a listen!  Check it out at the link below!




The last album we are going to checkout today is the debut project from Firewalker.  Blissful Hell, a project more than five years in the making.




I first spoke to Firewalker maybe 5 years or so ago, he was a young man struggling through life and drug addiction, using poetry and hip hop as a means of healing.  That is exactly what Blissful Hell is and I expect nothing more than that out of it.

If you are looking for a high quality, industry sound, this is not it.  The project is not mixed/mastered especially well.  Usually that is a huge deterrent for me.  Not in this case however.  It feels raw and poetic.  For a first project, it is not bad.  A mix of beats and acapella tracks make up this album.  Surprisingly the acapella tracks are my favorite.  Though the ones on beat Demons certainly stands out, as well as letters.

Maybe because it is because you can hear Firewalker’s lyrics, emotions and feel him speak from his heart. It could also be due to the fact that Firewalker’s delivery tends to be a bit off beat.  Delivery, timing, cadence, that all comes with time.  That can be practiced and perfected.  His writing is what makes him, him.  That is something no one can reproduce.  My suggestion to him?  Pick better beats.  Beats that make you feel you.  To me Firewaker has a sound and the depth to be reminiscent of Sadistik.  Maybe listen to his music a little more and study the way he delivers his words and his beat choices.

Overall this is a good debut for Firewalker and I look forward to more in the future.  Take a listen to the project at the link below.





Thanks for joining me on this, our first journey into MYMHM.  Join me next week as I checkout a few more projects!  In the mean time, take a listen to the above posted albums, let me know what you think and if there are any albums I missed that I need to checkout!