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I love the culture of hip hop Milwaukee has been curating for the last 20 years or so.  You look at the forefathers of Milwaukee hip hop, such as Jihad, Antoine Mack, Deshea Aggee, Stricklin, King Kamonzi, Speech, Godxilla, Tweezy, Blax, Cal, Baby Drew, etc and you just have to thank them for fostering the hip hop scene in Milwaukee.  So what we have now is a lot of late teen/early 20’s rappers who grew up with these cats or heard their family bumping these cats and wanted to emulate them with their friends, even more so a lot of the time then national celebrities.

Look at crews like New Age Narcissism, Higher Education Records, Team Ugly, anything really popular in Milwaukee right now.  The fact is most of these cats grew up together in the same blocks, schools or programs.

Now we have another Milwaukee group ready to pounce onto the scene and leave their mark.  Dirty Rotten Socialists is a Milwaukee hip hop group/collective consisting of Sunny Lou, $moov, Will Static, and McNasty McNu.  We are really glad to premiere the debut single, Ways, off their upcoming debut Propaganda.  The track is produced by Nvk Blvk out of Philadelphia, and recorded at Higher Education studios by label engineer Moses.  The other draw to this track?  Reggie Bonds!  The Milwaukee emcee has turned into not only a local celebrity, but an up and coming hip hop powerhouse.  From the Locust Street freestyle, to freestyling on V100 to his release Norfside With Love, Reggie Bonds has been on an absolute tear this year and shows no signs of slowing down.


This is a monster of a track.  Five legitimate emcees just tearing apart this beat with clever metaphors and a back to back street raps.  Shit talking, bragging, bravado, everything you expect from a hard ass Milwaukee track.  It excites me for their project. Each member of DRS has their own sound and style.  Each member with their own flow and cadence.  It is really interesting to hear them all come together, sort of like listen to a Black Hippy record***.  Assuming every track is not like this, I am sitting in anticipation at what else can they do.  Will they bring hooks, conscious shit, party raps?  Who knows?  We will all just have to wait to find out.

For now however, we are blessed enough to be bumping this track, “Ways.”  Listen to the track below and checkout DRS at the links below!








*** Can you imagine a Miwaukee based hip hop group with content and style comparable to Black Hippy.  Sheesh.  Hey guys, wink wink!