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We all have heard the story of Icarus.  Here’s a little (short) brush up on your Greek mythology.  Icarus’ father was a brilliant craftsman and tasked with creating a labyrinth in which the king of Crete could entrap the love child of his wife and a bull aka the Minotaur.  All was well and dandy but Icarus and his father ended up trapped in the labyrinth.  His father branded a couple pair of wings so they could soar out of the labyrinth, warning young Icarus not to fly to close to the sun nor the sea.  Icarus however was enamored with the sense of freedom the wings granted him, flying to close to the sun and eventually falling into the sea.

So, now that your history lesson of the day is over, we can take a look at this from afar and how it has to do with why we are here today.  I am here to premiere the newest project from Evan Ramsey and Cullen Sampson, both artists whom we have been lucky enough to feature before.  Their newest project, The Icarus Accounts, was heavily influenced by the story of Icarus flying to close to the sun.

They take the theme of Icarus not only in namesake, but the content of this project is heavily influenced by it.  This sing song, pop, spoken word, hip hop project makes reference to the sky, flying, the clouds, the beach and more throughout these three tracks.  Creatively meshing the themes of the story of Icarus with their own stories and messages pertaining to life, love, dreams, drugs and more.

These two incredibly talented individuals come together to create three beautiful and well done tracks.  Featuring production from Evan Ramsey, North House and Rhythmical Braille.  Evan Ramsey and Cullen Sampson manage to mesh their sounds into a seamless, pop filled joy ride.  With catchy choruses, deep, meaningful lyrics and a concise theme, these two cats make a project worthy of major airplay and something stuck in your rotation.


Take a listen to the project below: