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Maaaaaaaan.  This track is fire!  You want two emcees spitting and trading bars?  Well, here ya go!  Low key, Izzy Strange is having one of the best years in underground hip hop. Dude has just been on a tear with tracks as of late, releasing songs like Fall Back with Eligh, Rappers Say the Darnedest Things w/ Open Mike Eagle and now this track which features hip hop icon Blu!


West coast emcee Blu trades absolute fire bars on this track with Izzy Strange.  Both emcees rap with such swagger and bravado.  Other emcees better watch out, you’re no Izzy Strange!  We don’t even know who you are!  You’re raps are lame and can’t compete!

Haha.  I love it!


Izzy is building himself a very strong collection of singles and features this year.  His name is on the rise and someone you should follow now!  Definitely look out for him, follow his social media and follow all of Beasleys Corner Bodega!

Need more reasons why?  This beat was produced by Nate Fox, you know that guy in Chance the Rappers band, The Social Experiment!  Nevermind that it was Mixed & Mastered by: Dan Gensel of WDS Audio Lodge and cover art by Joshua Thomas aka Zeus!!!

Still not convinced?!?!?!  Check out the tracks I listed above and check out the newest track, At Home ft Blu, below!



And if you don’t like any of that, then you a punk ass sucka!!!