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Introversions CD Cover


Have you guys ever wondered what it would’ve sounded like if Jon Bon Jovi took creative control of Depeche Mode? Me neither, really, until now.


Christopher Sluka is an old boy to the game, at one time feasibly being mentioned in the same breath as bands such as INXS & Tears For Fears. His main draw of fame came from Japan due to his first release in that region, “Sunday’s Child”, which is a great song. What turns me off is seeing it on his 2016 release, “Introversions”. Not a re-recording either. Nope, it’s the same damn thing. Look it up for yourself.


Despite that disappointing aspect, “Introversions” is not a bad album. A lot of the guitar riffs are pretty solid, especially that of the song, “Doctor Strangelove”, which I assume is an homage to the classic film. The album also relies on a lot of drum machine & A LOT of echo/loop peddling, which can ruin some albums, but I feel it works here. You have to remember, this is a man who comes from an era where that was ALL music, & at least he does it fairly well.


The one song that really surprised me was “Fear of an Ordinary Life”, which is almost reminiscent of White Album era Beatles in some ways. The second to last song on the album, “Hung”, is also interesting, in a very mid-90s alt-rock kind of way. The album closes out w/ “Gothic Cavalier”, which recalls some of the more classic feel of his earlier music, which I enjoy.


Overall I give “Introversions” a 5/10. I really wanted to give it a 6, but the milking of a former hit really drew it down for me, & this wouldn’t be America if we didn’t stick to our convictions, would it? I urge Christopher Sluka to keep moving forward. If all else fails, Japan will probably still like it.